Where Did Keith Come From?

How did Keith and Flavien come to identify eachother as business buddies? Was he (Keith) ever active in the forums before he joined the team?

presumably kieth contacted flavien directly and offered help.

From what I remember, Flavien confirmed the creation of the I-Novae company and after a few weeks Keith registered and started to become active in the forums. I actually doubt he was active before that.

I once asked Keith the reason why he joined through twitter:

@inovae_keith What made you leave Epic Games? UE3 reaching some limit? Personal interest in procedural generation and future of it?

@Pendrokar Personal interest in the tech and its future though I’ve always wanted to start a company so that factored in as well.

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It still takes a relatively long time to go nowhere. Isn’t that about 14 billion light years away?

If you bring in relativity, this thread is becoming irrelevant at a rate of 14 billion light years a second.


14 billion light-years away from us is not “nowhere”, it’s somewhere that just happens to be 14 billion light-years away from us.

On top of that, the physical location that is currently 14 billion light-years away from us is not our temporal horizon (that’s currently something like 45 billion light-years away from us). And further still, after having travelled 14 billion light-years, you still would not have reached the location that is currently 14 billion light-years away from us, as it would have moved a very substantial distance. In fact, given the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, it would still lie nearly another 14 billion light-years ahead of you. Possibly more, as it’s entirely possible that it would have reached the point of moving away from you at greater than c.

Even so, it would most definitely be somewhere, even if it’s a place you can never exactly reach.

Really? The universe is expanding faster then light speed? That could answer some questions I had and explain why we know so little about were Keith came from.

Yes, in a uniformly expanding universe of infinite (or just very large) extent, there are regions that are far enough apart from one another than they are expanding away from each other at a rate greater than the speed of light.

In a universe undergoing accelerated expansion, parts of the universe that were once expanding away from each other at a rate less than the speed of light can accelerate to the point that they will, eventually, be expanding away at greater than the speed of light. Regions that we can see today could possibly, in the future, expand away from us so fast that we can no longer see them (as the light from them will be “dragged away” from us by space itself faster than it can travel through that very space).

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