What is the best space game to wait Infinity?


At first, thank you I-novae for your recents sharing of screenshots, I was waiting for that since a long time. I hope that you will share more information about the gameplay, scenario directions, current situation of dev (Screenshots are great but there’re only a part of the game).

To help me wait this awesome game, I’m searching for one where you can travel over planets, or at least explore one, with the possiblity to be in space and then in athmosphere, like Infinity, but playable now.

According to this community, what is the game getting the most closer of Infinity ? Can we make a top 10 of free and not free games that are in the same vision ?

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Well, you got a couple of options.

Vendetta Online is an MMO space sim with twitch controls and some similar themes to the eventual Infinity MMO. No procedural planets though, and it focuses quite a bit on PvP.

Elite Dangerous is a semi-MMO space sim with twitch controls with a lot of similar themes to the eventual Infinity-MMO, though it scales down in scope rather than up like EVE or Infinity. It’s got procedural everything and you will be able to land on planets in the future. Also has avatars coming in the future as well. Both of those are going to be paid expansions, though, so be prepared to make additional purchases if you go the ED route.

There is, of course, EVE Online.

Star Citizen appears to be trying to do similar things to Elite, Infinity and EVE, at least as far as spaceship gameplay goes. It’s twitch, and already has avatars if you absolutely must have them. They are investigating the tech needed for procedural planets. I don’t really know more than that because I don’t really follow it.

There is also Kerbal Space Program, if you don’t mind single-player (for now) action. You have an entire solar system to explore the NASA way, is all about the procedural planets, and it’s incredibly moddable.

And finally, there’s Space Engine if all you care about is exploration. No gameplay at all, but you’ve got an entire universe to explore, and it’s entirely procedural.

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TA has named a lot of notable examples and I’ve played all but Space Engine and SC. What I have played are pretty good games and I’d have to second KSP. We have a Kerbal thread here on the forums if you want to take a look at some crafts we’ve built/flown.

If you’re looking for more of a shoosty space world experience I also recommend Evochron Mercenary…it can be played both online and offline(similar to how Elite works in that regard) but with a small community…It’s got full newtonian mechanics and of course seamless planetary transitions. It’s pretty a fun and the community there is very nice if you have any questions.

Play eve online. They even recently added keyboard flight controls. sweet. Eve might be really boring sometimes, but if you get into random trouble it gets real fun.

If you are looking for something that is up to today’s standards, the game you are looking for does not exist. I’m not aware of any game that is pretty/acceptable enough to be believable and offers the player the ability to actually land on a planet.

If you want to commit to a game that will have this ability, probably earlier than the game that Inovae will be making (Infinity:Battlescape), you are basically left with No Man’s Sky, some future Elite:Dangerous DLC or Star Citizen after they spend countless millions on the feature.

No doubt somebody will correct me :slight_smile:

(Also, it’s free.)

Thank you for your answers ! I’m almost interesting on landing on planets and do exploration, so the best for it will be Kerbal ? No equivalent with (more) realistic gameplay ?

Honestly, ksp is an honest to goodness rocket simulator…unless you want space pewpew not even infinity will be as realistic as ksp

Oh sorry I would say graphics not gameplay. Is there an equivalent with more realistic graphics ?

Technically, you can land on planets in E:D, there’s just nothing to do there. I think they’re planning on expanding that in the future, but the for full fledged space game that you’re looking for, there are only 3 that I know of that will do it: SC, ED, ItQfE. All three are still under development.

Well to pitch in my 2 cents, starmade’s a pretty neat game, kinda like minecraft in space

Not exactly like infinity… but an awesome space game nonetheless. The remastered edition will be released in a month!


If you’re unemployed, have no wife, kids, family nor friends and have no clue what to do with your life
I suggest you buy and install EVE online.

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Well I’m employed, have a wife, a daughter, family and one friend IRL, and still have time to play EVE online :smile:. I will test it so…

(The secret is to not sleep)

I suppose Infinity to be the compilation of my dreams (not mainly axed on fights, an important part of exploration, the capacity to land on planets, etc…), but I think this is only suppositions. Can anybody confirm me that this is the orientation of its gameplay ? I’m not talking about the standalone developped for kickstarter

The Infinity MMO?

Gameplay wise, it’s intended to be a game with EVE’s scale and freedom of gameplay, but set in a seamless, 1:1 scale universe with direct control over your ship (twitch gameplay, specifically, for the smallest ships).

If you can do it in EVE, odds are you’ll be able to do it in the MMO. Corporate empires, exploration, industrial cartels, military empires and so on.

There are graphical mods for KSP which make it look great…here’s one of the newer updates from a popular modder:

do you pay monthly sub. with irl money or do you have a steady incoming flow of isk :wink:
Also, when I still played I was part of space monkey alliance (part of the goons)
There I learned what being a dedicated gamer means :smile:

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Grrr goons go PFR

To get the true Infinity experience get yourself a copy of Visual Studio, open up the C++ editor and start writing. There are entire universes to explore in there and you’ll have an inside view on what the dev team are doing.


Your answer is so useless… it’s like “I want to buy a car” and you : “to get the true car experience get yourself a garage, open your toolbox, and make it boy, that is how life is”. Are you a cowboy from Texas ? :smiley:

How can people like this kind of answer. Even if it will be a great experience this is so irrelevant to say that here… I’m searching in a game experience, not a developer experience. And I’m a professional C++ developer for several years now and I’m sure if you “start writing” you will not be able to make the same work that the Infinity dev team did, because if it was so simple it already would exist, and we would not be waiting for it to be released…