What if "Suddently Money"?

Ok, what if, when you guys launch kickstarter, you’re overly successful and get funded into the millions or, perhaps tens of millions. Would you, ahem, scrap Battlescape and go straight for the MMO? Afaik all assets and work are somewhat the same for both games soooo… Yes?

No, we will use the money to make Battlescape a better game up to a certain threshold. That threshold will be the point at which our full vision for the game can be implemented. Once that threshold is crossed we will save the extra money in the hope that, combined with the revenue from Battlescape, it’ll be enough to build the MMO after Battlescape ships. Our Kickstarter backers will expect a certain type of game and we will not suddenly switch to a completely different type of game if we raise a lot of extra money - we’ll deliver to them the product they pledged for.


Awesome! Thanks for reply. Hope the interactive sandbox reward tier isn’t too expensive! :blush:

Interesting read here from PRSG. Gives everyone something to think about and another reason why the team has been so careful with planning their KS.

I always thought it’s obvious

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The blatantly obvious is often the most easily missed.

True that. %lots of unnecessary text removed%