What happened to "LucasFIN"?

Some people have been asking me about the the 1 at the end of my name. I honestly didn’t notice it myself so thanks for the heads up. :smiley:

Perhaps something went wrong during the forum update? After the latest update I noticed my profile picture and profile bg image were gone (but for some reason I didn’t notice the name change at that time!). So I re-uploaded my profile picture and forgot the issue.

When I was first notified about the extra 1 at the end of my name I was puzzled, but didn’t think it was a big issue. Since I was still signing in with the same account I thought I could possibly change this later. Yes, I didn’t get an instant urge to fix it like a normal person would. I had things to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

So now I finally tried to do just that. Can’t be done… I also noticed that my old email address (the one I replaced before the latest forum update) is still listed as my email address in my profile. So I tried to change the email to my current one. I was notified that the email is already in use! Now things just went beyond cosmetic. How can this be possible as I am signing in with the same account that new email was attached to?

So basically all the changes I made to my account during the whole existence of the new forums have been reset AND my name has been changed AND I can’t use the email I used to have attached to this account because it is “already in use” by this very same account. What’s going on?

@INovaeKeith or anyone, please help…


Update: It seems “LucasFIN” is still there. I just checked my old posts. But when I try to log in with my usual username and password I am taken to this new LucasFIN1 account. :confused:

And this of course means that I can’t edit my old posts anymore.

reasons not to use beta forum software for a project with limited manpower…

It sounds like you somehow ended up with two different forums accounts and a single I-Novae account. I suspect what caused this problem to manifest is that recent updates to Discourse and our website have brought the two databases closer together. You never should have been able to edit your email, your name, or anything else before and that’s why all of that got erased. To fix it I will probably have to edit the forums database and provide the ability for you to change your email through the main website.

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@INovaeKeith Thanks. Any estimates for when you will be able to fix the issue? Although I wouldn’t want my account issues to hinder the development of the actual game :wink:

Maybe your issue is related to mine as well? See here.

xamino 1

We need to set up a club of 1 for all forum anomaly accounts :smiley:


Wait wait wait wait … :confused:
How do we know you are not a Clone ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well technically I am :stuck_out_tongue:

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@LucasFIN :cry:


Hah! Looks like Mr Jafo tagged you guys! The trick is to never sleep, and live in dumpsters.


@INovaeKeith Any news on this issue? Was it the same issue that xamino had?

Would be great to get into the shiny badge party. And have it for the actual account too :wink:

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I messaged him last night about it too.

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I’ll get to it, working on 1000 things at the moment.


Thanks @iNovaeKeith !


###YEY! :smiley: :cake: :sunflower:

So the real question is: can you log in to the prototype? Because I still can’t, something is still wrong on my end. :cry:

Not for lack of trying to fix it either… :stuck_out_tongue: (Thanks Keith in any case.)


I can. After I added the KS email to the account.


@xamino that’s because you created a second account and linked it to your KS account whereas @LucasFIN did not. Beyond that I’m not sure (yet) why it still doesn’t work for you, I’ll get it sorted out eventually but it’s going to take quite a bit of investigation I think.


@INovaeKeith Quick question: If I change my email address, will it screw my account up and give me a 1 next to my name?