What happen to those old developers?

Are they lelt the team or conflict with others?

PANU AALTIO ( I especially want to ask about him,his music for kickstarter is simply a masterpiece! why he left the team? Can we still hear his music in the game later?)

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From Discord logs.

On Kimmo:

[2:32 PM] INovaeFlavien: we have no problems with kimmo or panu, except that they had different priorities than continuing to work with us
[2:33 PM] INovaeFlavien: kimmo basically quit because it was too risky for him to leave his full time job when he had a family
[2:33 PM] INovaeFlavien: to support
[2:34 PM] INovaeFlavien: we didn’t raise enough money with the KS that he felt he’d have a guaranteed stable job a few years later
[2:34 PM] INovaeFlavien: so he didn’t want to take the risk
[2:34 PM] INovaeFlavien: at least that’s my understanding

On Panu:

[2:26 PM] INovaeFlavien: I can’t enter details for obvious reasons, all I can tell is that his agent was asking Hans Zimmer’s rate for Panu’s work
[2:26 PM] INovaeFlavien: and that was falling completely out of our budget for audio
[2:27 PM] INovaeFlavien: panu’s pretty successful in the music industry, especially on movies
[2:27 PM] INovaeFlavien: so at some point his agent recommended him it wouldn’t be profitable to work with us
[2:28 PM] INovaeFlavien: at least not at the rates we had originally budgetted
[2:28 PM] INovaeFlavien: so we reached a dead end


André Roux and Gene Darlak were not able to reach a contract agreement that fit both theirs, and inovae’s needs so they settled accounts and are no longer with the project.