What game dose Battlescape remind me of? Help me remember


Battlescape reminds me of a game I used to play. I was hopping I could find some ex players here, or at least get help to remember the game title.

So this is what I remember,

The Game
It was in open Beta testing when I played. I think the Devs sold it to someone, then it was canned soon after.
Time frame: Must be around the mid 90’s (1997?)
What I remember: The game play was the same as Battlescape, space combat. Online only. There were two factions, red and green. One station was in an asteroid (same as Battlescape), the other was a ship that resembled the UNCS Infinity. Both stations has auto turrets for defense. I can only remember three classes of ships. The bomber, stealth and the fighter. The fighter I remember looking like the picture I have drawn with my sweet MS paint skills below.

The game played like capture the flag. A game could last 10min to many hours.

Can you help me remember?

Your description doesnt quite match but it could just be time distorting your memory a little, it’s not allegiance is it?

:smile: Indeed lots has happened since then.
But no, Allegiance came after, I remember attempting to fill the void with Allegiance when the game stopped. Good try.
I remember the ship, as it was my entire existence at that time. The view of the ship is head on. looked like a flying hollow triangle. Shoot short range plasma rings from the bottom portion.

Its like the girl that got away, if only I knew her name. :heart_eyes:


I guess if allegiance came after it, then homeworld is also out of the question.

Tell us a bit more about the game:
Was the game using full 3d models or was it sprite based?
Where did you play it? USA, russia, some european country, any other country?
Was allegiance new to the market, when your game was canned, or was it released before or after?

It sounds a bit like Darkspace, but that was a bit later, early 2000’s. There are still servers going today if that is the game you’re talking about. It does sound quite a lot like Battlescape.

This topic reminds me, while people are trying to see if they remember the OP’s game try this one.

I played this in the 90s after loading it off an unmarked disk i got in a pack somewhere, Its a singleplayer 2d top down perspective game with a visual aesthetic like asteroids with colors, more green and glowy, everything just an outline. You would take off from a circular planet with gravity and go around trying to conquer enemy planets by bombarding the facilities on them. Your faction and enemy factions would have trade convoys. While the player’s sprite was a simple green triangle outline, the planet structures, freighters and stuff actually had a good amount of detail. The planets on screen covered about half of the 700xsomething resolution screen. One thing that i remember very well is how difficult it was to land without crashing and dying.

Good luck, lol.

Well it’s probably not Warpath, and most certainly not starflight … I think I dont even need to mention star control
It’s surprisingly hard to find a mid ninetys game with asteroidesque graphics.
Oh well, maybe it is in that little list?

Isn’t any of those, and a i skimmed the game list but nothing stood out. Honestly im not sure the game even had a title. It wasnt even my own unmarked disc of mystery, it was something i borrowed and eventually returned.

I half think it was someone’s uni project or something but i also want to say it was too good for that.

It was Full 3D.

I’m in Canada, there were players from England. I’m not sure where the majority were from.

After, it was a months to a year before I found Allegiance. Allegiance graphics are marginally better. Never got into it, just did not have the same “feeling”, I guess the physics were different.

It never left Beta testing. That is why it’s so hard to find. There were plans for a single player “Story” but it never came to.