What about advertising?

I was just thinking about ways that we could leverage more activity with the rest of the space/sim video game community and was wondering about advertising. Like actual paid ads on sites that are frequented by the sort of individuals who would nerd out over this awesome project. Is it morally right( or legal???) for us to do something like that?

If your are talking about us fans: I would say the money is better invested in higher pledge tiers.
And had the devs spare money lying around they probably wouln’t spend it on ads.


Yeah, I kind of agree with putting it towards higher pledge tiers, but part of me is trying to weight exposure vs. funding… Shoot, I really want this to succeed!

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I would consider it if someone could point me to examples, statistics and turnover rates.

The point of advertisement is to get more out of it then you put in. This may work out …

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Here’s some places I’ve found:
youtube is $0.10 to $0.30 per view on a video ad.
I’m going to keep crawling while I have time today.

A reddit advert on some choice subreddits might be a good investment.


It’s pretty common for kickstarters to have banner ads all over, so they must pay off.

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