We've released our 2013 Retrospective

You can find it at http://inovaekeith.blogspot.com/2014/01/2013-retrospective-and-whats-next.html.



Excellent read. Can’t wait, well I can :wink: Be well worth it.

The plan with the runable and interactive demos sounds good … nice way to get more out of the Kickstarter! :thumbsup:

Nice read. Looking forward to dump currency out of my cargo hold (hopefully … hey I know you guys) before GDC.

Power up the I-Novae machine! That beast never seen the red yet.

Thanks for the update.

Good luck and make sure you smile in the video!

Great to see this update and hear more about your plans! Keep up the good work and hopefully I won’t be too poor to give you monies when the KS comes around! :slight_smile:

Superb Information, very detailed and answers many of our questions. Thanks to everyone at the iNovae team for your dedication and hard work to making us gamers happy :smile:

We’ll all eager in anticipation of the upcoming information regarding Infinity: Battlescape.

Also I might add that the screenshot is beautiful, I’ve posted in some of my forums with the updated information and have managed to introduce 15 people to Infinity this week, all of which are asking me “Where do I buy this, I want it so much!”. So I can’t wait to see the respond from the Kickstarter community :smile:

Nice read! Especially about the interactive demo and sandbox, 2014 will be interesting Infinity-wise!

Good luck with all the preparations for the Kickstarter!

The free demo is only going to have scripted camera movement between set points? Won’t that be kinda dull compared with equivalent free stuff like Space Engine and Outerra?

I think it’s actually a great idea. Non-interactive tech-demo will be a pre-kicsktarter teaser and will make people hyped for the actual post-Kickstarter interactive demo. It will spark the imagination, it will make people’s mouth water, but they will have to carefully wait, follow the updates and… back the Kickstarter.

It’s like a striptease :smiley:


Yes, that. Plus, while I can’t comment on Outerra, I still don’t get what everyone’s deal with Space Engine is. It’s always felt really, really rough around the edges to me. Plus, while I’m the first to admit that my experience with planetarium software is distinctly non-typical (and no, I’m sorry, Space Engine isn’t planetarium software), SE is a good 4 or 5 years behind the real deal in terms of everything save for planet generation.

If INovae produces planets that are as good as Space Engine, and the on-rails demo includes some of the Infinity art assets (i.e. ships), then the on-rails demo is suitably different from SE that it’ll be good tease for the kickstarter.

Could the scripted flight sequence demo have some simple statistics on completion? It could make quite a nice benchmarking tool. It would also help people gauge how well their computer can run the full game.

Nice to have some news :slight_smile:

We’ve discussed including a benchmarking capability. This may or not make it into the demo.

Pretty much this exactly =)

A nice read after problems kept me off line for a few days. 8)

Those are really great news!
Years of waiting and years of moving a release date and finally it seems to get to a point at which it becomes ready for a first release :smiley:

By thinking about your plans, to release a real engine demo for the kickstarter campaign, I got an idea for good advertisement:
Is it somehow possible, to get your engine featured in http://www.3dmark.com/ ? I could imagine, that they really would like to feature your eye-candy engine and with all features turned on, I guess they can easily exploit even the next-gen gfx-cards. Furthermore, this benchmark runs at least once on every powerful gamer-pc. So you could get yourself a name.


Outerra also isn’t too great either – I’ve tested it. I’m positive I-Novae Engine will be the most promising you’ll find anywhere (compare to Proland, Outerra, SpaceEngine …)

I just got a job :smiley: i’ll be able to give a lot more for kickstarter now yay

… So your first paycheck should arrive just in time … right? :wink:

Depends when kickstarter releases… but yeah pretty much… What are the odds lol

I really like the idea with interactive demo, but before you release it - you should be ABSOLUTELY sure it will work with a various PC-hardware and won’t be very demanding to it - so average potential backer could run it smoothly and with no poblems.

I think it will be useful to make some sort of pre-launch analizer of viewers hardware to run the Demo with the optimal level of details and FX.

BTW, IMO the Demo should include not only natural space bodies like stars, planets, asteroids and moons, but some action/combat scenes. This is very important since you’re positioning IBS as a Combat Space Game, but not just another educational project of NASA for kids.))