Welcome to the new I-Novae Studios forums!


I didn’t even try. My old account was called Indeks and I don’t like that name anyway. xD


Good to see the forum back


Finally :smiley:

I got lucky and found my registration mail in my old mailaccount.
It was send by forums@infinity-universe.com if someone needs to know :wink:


Good to see the website finally taking shape :).


I want black space-ish background. Maybe with some white dots. It makes me feel more “one”.


Nice to see that we got a forum once again, even though I rarely write anything. Looking forward to whatever progress comes now when the forum is up and running.


Following since 2010 and the new forum was a good opportunity to finally sign up, haha :smile:
Good to see the site is now “alive” again. Looking forward to the kickstarter now.


old forums coloring was very good. and make you feel comfortable. return please back dark background like old forums have. the better it will fit old forums colors the more users will be able to feel themselves like in the good old days.


I am enjoying this new discourse. Not that there is anything wrong with the old style forums, but this is definitely an improvement.


In my opinion style doesn’t really matter at this stage. There are many more important things to take care of :wink:

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Well… this new forum will take some getting used to, certainly.


An option to change the forum style for ourselves might go a long way (in the future of course).
Would that be a possibility? I miss the dark colours as well… All this white hurts my basement dwelling eyes.

I just realised my trust level is ‘basic user’… In all lower case.
I’m not sure why but it’s nagging me so badly, like it should be ‘Basic User’ or something I guess.
Not that it’s that important anyway.

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The theme for the new forums is still being worked on though I can’t guarantee it’ll be black. Allowing users to change the theme themselves I think is a great idea but I don’t believe Discourse supports that right out of the box so it may be a while before the forums have that functionality.

Dark Color Scheme Needed, Because I'm Going Blind

Just thought I’d circle the rather significant amount of wasted space.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but these new forums have huge areas assigned to dynamic space for giant avatar pictures, for low-res devices, giant buttons for replies, multiple toolbars for +1s, setting notification options, and quicklinks to search-filtered topic listings, rather than full ones. These are useful, and are improvements for people posting and browsing via mobile devices. I don’t feel it’s an improvement in actually using the forums. That is, the reading and writing of posts. The layout makes it slower to browse, read, and type on my current system, as well as puts fewer items and less text on my screen at once. Overall, I’m not impressed, but it’s the sort of inevitable and necessary surrender of usability that is common, and honestly, should be embraced, in recognition of the modern era of unified devices with really poor input/output capabilities.

On issues that can be helped, please change the default forum settings from 'e-mail me for everything, all the time, such as when someone mentions my name or replies to a thread.

I’m also wondering how the skyrim LP I was doing, with it’s 1200 images, would choke the dynamic loading. If there is an archive to be uploaded, I’d love to examine that thread first.

Oh, and the forums are quite slow. The preview page is lagging further and further behind my typing as the length of the post increases.

Some things can probably be fixed by forum themes, but this layout feels like browsing via a crud-infested browser, with half the screen filled by toolbars for purple monkies.

There are some actual improvments, like the resizable reply boxes, but hopefully you can find some themes available that would allow me to use my device, even if it can be used by more than two fingers at once. They should be fixable, but it, as is, these new forums are not an improvement.


Indeed, it will most definitely take some getting used to. But hey, I’m glad to see there’s a persistent place again for us to all hang out and chat.

I’m sure you guys’ll find the right tweaks and edits here and there to get everything running smoothly again. :slight_smile:


Hmm, I wasnt able to retrieve my legacy account or create a name with a “_”, like you guys(I used to be “Angry-Marine”,btw). :wink:
I then created the acc “Angry Marine” with a space, and it somehow got bugged too because of my legacy account. Removing the space seems to have fixed it.

But I think all the work keith put into these forums will be more than worth it. Love how you can resize the post window and write while you read, and a bunch of other cool stuff, like grouping the replies in a single button, bookmarking the last post you read to continue later and etc.


Ever heard of something called readability?

It’s kinda unpleasant to read text which will have 1920px horizontal distance between the end of a line and a new line. Columns exist for a reason.


Does anyone have a pic of the old forums? I don’t remember the text box being that much larger than this.
Anyway, people are used to this size, since that is kind of what you get on twitter, facebook and a bunch of other sites.

edit: Hmm, the size of the box you type is bigger than the final text. While writing, the text above was 3 lines, not 4. Is that an error or an unavoidable nuisance?

edit2: I just figured this out. Click on the icon between the avatar and the magnifying glass and select “mobile view”, and you get to fill the entire screen with text.

edit3: If you discover any cool new features, please share them here.


I have fragments. Font was Verdana, size was 9pt or 12px. This is Helvetica and 14px so this is bigger.


Nice to have the forums back! Really missing my Ex-Developer tag though! :stuck_out_tongue: