Weird loss of ship control with no damage

I have having a strange re-occurring issue with loss of thrust-er control of my ship.

Example: I am engaged in a battle when all of a sudden I start moving backwards, I have no damage yet I cannot get the ship to move in the forward direction, I just keep drifting backwards with my throttle full forward, I cannot use jump drive cannot do anything but fire weapons, after 5 mins of this I just eject because I can no longer control the ship thus losing creds.

Anyone know whats going on here? Is this a weapon that’s been used on me or something? Very frustrating.

I’ve been getting this (or something quite like it) as well. Toggling control modes seems to help in my case.

Make sure to not be in a formation mode. Maybe you locked onto something and are in “chase” mode. Your ship trying to close distance to some target.

It may be something else though, as you description could fit other situations.

Did you by any chance hit the reverse button?

its possible your power was disabled by incoming blaster fire, if it happens again check by pressing P.

Sounds like network issues, or some kind of input conflict. The server is authoritative so it’ll “error-correct” you, which means that you’ll move forward for a few seconds on the client and then it’ll push you back to where you really are on the server.

Did you have a “bad connection” icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen ?

It could be a temp. issue with your connection to the server, or heavy packets loss, or the server having performance issues ( if you can tell me when it happened and on which server I can check the logs ).

If it’s not a technical issue, then mattk50’s explanation is probably the most likely. Blasters have a “critical hit” probability as soon as the shields are down, there’a s small chance that your ship could have been powered down.

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