Weekly Update #78

Hey everyone, it’s time for your weekly update. Flavien has continued his work wrapping up the last few systems that needed to be integrated with the new networking code. He completed our property replication system, which allows us to specify how important values are synchronized between clients and the server, and he rewrote weapons which now use a hardpoint system for placement on a ship. Previously, a single weapon was hard coded into the game for all playable ships but the new hardpoint system, which allows classes of weaponry to be mounted on a specific point on a ship, will provide the foundation for allowing players to reconfigure their weapon loadouts in the future.

Pre-rendered WIP land base layouts

On my end I completed support for advanced OpenType features with text rendering such as ligatures, subscripts, postscripts, etc. For Latin languages, many of these features aren’t used very often but they become particularly important when drawing text for Asian languages. The biggest outstanding item for text rendering is paragraph trimming, which is appending an ellipsis (…) to the end of the last line of a paragraph when its text doesn’t fit within the allowed space. I’ve made a good amount of progress on it so far and hope to have it wrapped up soon. Once that’s complete I’ll be moving onto the items outlined last week such as I/O events, hit testing, etc.

More in-editor station materials

Not much new to report on the art side. It’s the usual land base, station materials, and destroyer geometry. Much of it should be getting wrapped up by early October. Moving forward this week Flavien has a couple of smaller items to finish off with networking and then he’ll resume work on server-side planetary collision detection. As we’ve mentioned before this is the last remaining blocker for the next patch. If he can get it sorted out within the next 1 to 2.5 weeks we should be in good shape to release the next patch in late September. That’s all for this update, until next time!


Love the art! Feels very Alien 2.


I have an urge to mine and send the product into space or to blow it all up. Maybe both. :heart_eyes:


Cool, very much looking forward to this patch!

Will the interior texture of the interceptor be completed with the next patch? Right now there are some untextured areas were the changes were made to the structure.

Is it still planned to make the outside textures of the ships much later because of the weapons testing?
I am asking because when making videos textured ships look much nicer, it would be nice to have one textured ship for filming purposes, preferably the interceptor. Even if it is only sloppily done and only a temporary placeholder it would be a big improvement for that.


I am highly curious about the solution of the planetary collision system as soon as it is ready. I:B would be the first modern Space game with such an advanced tech, afaik.

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Did someone say volumetric’s?
I’m pretty sure I heard it whispered quietly…


Any rough predictions when alpha or alpha weekends could start?


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I feel shame and this its your question not mine, its looks like troll but i not even stay close. I am human. Or an astronaut, like a Johnny. Not all the same I am a man and not an astronaut at all. @JonnyRedHed do you agree?


Probably within a week or 2 of the next patch being released. My best guess atm would be sometime in October.


Why shame? It’s not trolling, just a harmless joke.
Didn’t want to insult you in any way. I apologize if i did!

The I:B thread on the SC forums needs some more +1 up votes. But only on the first OP main post, as that will keep it up the top of section for ‘Hot’ and ‘Top’. And any posts you make will add to the ‘Last Activity’.

The cumulative effect being it stays top of the ‘Other Games’ section and gets seen by new SC sign ups. New SC sign ups can then discover I:B, and pledge.

the link to the main OP


Just was curious!
No inpatience here, i know in any moment new isuees may occur so i dont take it as hard dates, more like being informed :grin:.
Keep up the good work!

Ribbon out!


I hesitated to quote his post for posterity before it self-destructed.


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I really like the station work so far.

I did have one request, though: Could we please get rid of the 3 white rectagular lights in the cockpits? I can’t think of a good reason of why you would have lights shining in your face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up!


Ok, have a nice day!


Thank you so much.

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Just thinking out aloud, I don’t know the rules regarding a second kickstarter, but could you run a 2nd smaller kickstarter to raise just $125,000. To add volumetric’s, more planets, layered volumetric cloud layers and gas mining stations in gas giants layers etc. Better networking and some PR marketing. Things like that which were stretch goals. Just a small funding goal. It would raise the profile of the game once again. Is this possible, practical or logical to do. Would it seem to greedy.


When more stuff comes out I think that is a great idea! Show some real game play with assets and people will take notice.

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