Weekly Update #60


The stations actually look like that in game.


If so then brilliant :slight_smile: love them


Mmm, I don’t know that’s the best analogy. Buoys are used to designate safe passage due to those areas being regularly dredged to a certain depth or greater. Space…doesn’t have that problem.

That being said, blinking lights towards openings for landings and away from openings for takeoff would be useful for visual traffic control.

As for HUD vs. actual lights, I think both are good to have. Redundancy is a thing, plus you would want traders and such who don’t have your station stored to know where they are going.

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Honestly. This is sci-fi - we can make up any reason to make it look appealing and unique.



I’m thinking the relevant data would be transmitted by the station and any ship could receive that and render appropriate visuals on their HUD.

Different HUD manufacturers could represent it differently, which would potentially make it moddable.

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Displaying the path on the HUD is a good option, but I think actual physical objects (like buoys, beams or lights) imo provide a better atmosphere and add to the scenery.

Why not have a safe corridor for stations that are positioned in asteroid belts for example?


Aside from asteroid fields not being dense enough for concern and the complications of maintaining the odd orbits of the disconnected “buoys”?


Buoys could have positioning capabilities, like drones. They have to be able to move anyway since there is always the possibility that someone bumps into them, just like real buoys.
It depends on the asteroid field though, I can imagine that the current asteroid fields in the prototype could be difficult to navigate with a carrier.


All the more reason not to have such devices, if they can be disrupted by pilots.

It would take a significantly sized asteroid to generate more energy than the weapons our shields and hull are likely to face, though. Even if you somehow find yourself in a dense asteroid field, they won’t pose much threat.



We really need to restart the picture war thread… :smile: