Weekly Update #53


I should’ve guessed from them all being arranged in planes.


I know what you are talking about, “Who said programmers don’t need to be mathematicians ?”, lol :wink:

I am currently trying to implement my own “Sandbox environment” within Unity for my procedural engine prototype in double precision, having the code itself complete independend from Unity-classes (so that eventually I can move on with this code later outside Unity). Progress is pretty good so far, most of the base classes including EntityBody (a type similar to Unity’s GameObjects), a new Timer, Vector3d, Mathd, Quaterniond are done. However to complete my Transformd implementation I begin to have to deal with some essential matrices operations for functions like RotateAround, TransformDirection, InverseTransformVector etc. I don’t want to fall into the trap to reuse something done already but try to remember all that I once learned during my math courses in my study :slight_smile:
Especially as I feel it being fundamental for my goal. So yeah, I am happy for everyone who has a stronger math background than me :slight_smile:

Fun topic. I changed my mind on this when I tried to implement a physics based autopilot for a spaceship. Hands down for everyone who is doing autopilots for rockets or planes in real life! More difficult than I thought. Do you manipulate the direction of the missiles by adding forces to its physics body, or do you directly manipulate the velocity and rotation of the object? I guess the last, everything else might be a bit too much for missiles…

Nice screenshots!! The game is coming along pretty well visually!!


have you found the interceptor?

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The HUD ohhh pretty thin lines.
I like how you guys progress…yeah slowly, but steadily.
You guys will be grand one day. :wink:
Keep up what you keep on keeping on. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


On the right. But did you notice the ship on the left under the Xenomorph marker?


I find Waldo much faster


No, i didnt.
Great found… what is it… a jet?


Unlikely. The image is just concept art so it may be nothing.

Could be a ship, could be part of the structure.


@INovaeFlavien, are you and the team thinking about how buildings can be blended into the landscape?

Considering the factory shown in the first image, I’d expect sand to have accumulated in corners and up against the walls of the building.

I imagine modifying the building based on the terrain it’s on would be much easier than modifying the terrain based on what buildings are in the vicinity?

Weekly Update #56

Yes. Maybe.


Testament to how liberal this forum is and that our devs have a humble side, thank you @inovaeflavien, he would have been banned in some places for that. :heart:


Dude if it would be bad if we friendship together or know each other but no remember we are only consumers. I dont care about ban.

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You may consider yourself only a consumer but most of us consider ourselves part of a community over a decade old.
We have backed the developers’ project and the developers themselves, not simply purchased a product.

In English, to back means to support and invest effort into something.

We want to support Flavien and the team, not mock him.


It’s kind of sad we need to say this but yeah the atmosphere of these forums is very much appreciated. countless other forums have rules against “negativity” which basically just means you’re gonna get banned regardless if you arent filtering your ideas through an extremely fine sieve.

also pictbridge is hilarious


Second this.

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Come now, all the regulars around here can be defined as supporters, even the more “silent” one.
The dig is intended to be humourous, not negative nor harmful.

Besides, being supportive doesn’t mean being fanatic or narrow-minded.

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I’m​ certainly not being fanatical, but maybe I’m being overly British.

I’m all for criticism and humourous jibes but I felt pictbridge’s gif came across as rude, and as a Brit that’s something I have little tolerance for.
However, I appreciate that rudeness and disrespect probably wasn’t what was intended.


It was super funny and not mean spirited IMO. Stop beeing british then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OK. OK, this is getting a little too realistic. Taking this opportunity, -Just only God can Judge me.


I hope this is over as it has gotten boring in the British sense…

(The American sense is … it’s no fun, no interest. The British sense is It’s negative, goes agenst (spelling) the flow, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.) (as always open to being corrected)