Weekly Update #33

Hey all time for another weekly update. For starters we released an update yesterday to our installation runtime for Developer Access+ backers. Unfortunately due to a bug in the previous version the upgrade doesn’t always complete successfully. If you experience any problems we have a thread on the forums explaining how to resolve them. This update to the installation runtime is in preparation for our next game patch which should be ready soon!

Making progress on the corvette cockpit

We spent a lot of time last week getting the aforementioned patch for the game ready. It will contain a bunch of new content as well as some run-time improvements which we’ll go over once it’s released. This week I (Keith) will get back to finishing up the last bit of the pledge upgrade system followed by incremental patching while Flavien gets back to working on networking followed by weapons, finally, yay!

Another WIP shot of the corvette cockpit

Our goal is to have these last bits of low-level infrastructure work completed by sometime in November so that we can refocus all of our attention on gameplay and UX moving forward.


\o/ woot! Go Keith!


Looking forward to seeing the new content! Will check out the update as soon as I can, for sure.

Just to say as well, I am loving being part of this process with you guys! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Keith for the update and thanks DEVs for the great work! And that corvette cockpit is absolutely stellar!!! :heart_eyes:

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Keith, can we please have hi-res pictures for 32th update?

Upgrade system hopefully finished sometime in november? I can live with that. If it comes earlier, even better. If it comes later, dont sweat it (as long as those of us who banked on using the upgrade system can use it to get the dev access tier for some time). As they say: “Gut Ding will weile haben” (Or: good things take time)

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Maybe it has already been discussed, but has the alpha release date been more precisely targeted than its initial estimation (October 2016) ? It is just to know, I totally understand delays in video games. As dekaku said, good things take time.

It’s moved to early 2017, read here for more details :wink:


thank you (10chars)

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