Weekly Update #3

Time for another weekly update! This last week everybody has been working as hard as they can to get the prototype ready for release by the end of the month for our Developer Access backers. Nearly everything is wrapped up however we still have some issues remaining with SSL certificates, some new toolchain bugs that popped up, and a lot of testing left to do. As mentioned last week we may not have our launcher with automatic patching ready for initial launch in which case we’ll be providing .zip files until it’s ready.

As of this evening we’ve imported all of our backer data into our production website. We’ve also assigned badges on the forums and delivered access to the private forums for our Developer Access backers. This of course only applies to people who have already created an I-Novae account on our website (https://inovaestudios.com). If you haven’t created an account yet please do so. If you pledged with a different email than the one you used to create your I-Novae account you will need to link them. This feature still requires a bit more testing but it should be available within the next few days. Lastly please keep in mind that the current forums badges are temporary. Once our artists have time we’ll remake them into something with a lot more awesome.

A number of you have expressed interest in upgrading your pledge so that you can be a part of Developer Access. Unfortunately we don’t have that capability ready just yet but after we release the prototype it will become our #1 priority. We’re all super excited about releasing the prototype, this next week is going to be a busy one, but it’ll be worth it in the end and we look forward to seeing all of our Developer Access backers in the game soon!


Looks awesome. I like the new textures. The screenshot reminds me of the famous mars sunrise picture. Can’t wait to shoot someone on that planet.
Maybe a little premature questions: Are you planning on integrating the asteroid mining base on a procedually generated asteroid or will these asteroids be “hand made” asteroids?

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Pretty looking asteroid base is pretty. :slight_smile:

Sounds like everything’s coming together, good to hear!

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Hi @INoaveKeith,
I changed my email address through Discourse on the 14th of December. I set it to match my Kickstarter email address.

I don’t appear to have the Galactic Supporter badge so I’m assuming the email change was not reflected in the I-Novae account system?

In Flavien’s latest engineering update he’s posted a link to a page where you can validate your INovae login:


If your account does not validate you can add your new email account using the link further down that page. Once you’ve done that it should validate okay but as I understand it there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before discourse gets updated.

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Thanks Rich, I understand that. I just wanted to flag up this issue. I thought the intention was for Discourse and I-Novae accounts to be tightly synced.

Yup, there’s a desync problem. People who renamed their accounts using discourse still have their old email in the main account, which is the one used for checking for pledges. I’ll talk to Keith about how to address the problem. So either wait and do nothing ( we’ll probably do a fix ), either use the add email feature.


What’s the issue with @The_Sane and me, the emails are correct and the access page has the correct email, but we have no badges or access to restricted forums, also cookies seem to be involved?

And then there is @mattk50, who can’t stay logged in more than 30 seconds after logging out the main site once, even after clearing cookies.

Very impressed !! Looks good!!

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Should we be seeing actual badges?

All I can see next to my name are the words “Stellar Supporter”

i visited the access checker page, logged in again, and it seems to have stuck this time. very strange, will see if badge comes eventually.

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Looking good. Can’t wait to play!

Exciting! Kickstarter e-mail address added! :slight_smile:

I got my badge and positive status for developer access, but have no access to the dev access forum category, also don’t see any posts from that category?

@inovaekeith @inovaeflavien

Anyone else have this issue?

@mattk50 and @crayfish have the same issue

You need to have selected Battlescape.

Then when that is loaded, there *should* be another drop down menu right next to that one. You should be able to see three categories: All, None, and I:B Dev.

If you don’t see I:B Dev, then something is wrong server side.

You need to hit battlescape first before the other drop down shows up.

Here’s a direct link: https://forums.inovaestudios.com/c/battlescape/i-b-dev

If you have permission to see it, you shouldn’t have any problems hopping into it.

But if you can’t, again, something is wrong server-side.

Something is wrong server side because we don’t have what you describe.


As Crayfish said, no such menu. Also when viewing the dev access category page directly a “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.” notification is shown.


I have it too

@cybercritic @Crayfish Well, I guess it’s server side then.

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I have the same issue.

No dropdown menu on the battlescape button.
The developer access is set to Positive though, so that’s good. :slight_smile:

Edit 3: I have the badge now!

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