Weekly Update #27

Time for that weekly update! For those of you who haven’t noticed we updated our company website today (https://inovaestudios.com). This was the first step in building our new pledging platform. The biggest changes are in how logging in/out are handled as well as a skeleton framework for account management - which is where you’ll go to upgrade your pledge(s) among other things. Login/logout on the Battlescape page is still using the old system which may not even work. It’ll be properly updated soon.

WIP bomber cockpit

In other news we’re working on releasing another patch at the end of this next week. It’ll primarily contain bug fixes but we’re also planning on including the land base placeholders and possibly the factories as well. A small number of people are reporting issues with the new installer and another update for that will be forthcoming.

WIP bomber cockpit (this is in our editor, NOT the game)

On the art front we’re finishing up the materials for the bomber cockpit and the NPC hauler. Major gameplay iteration is still scheduled to begin early next month - the exact start date will depend on how quickly we finish the networking code improvements.


Judging the screenshot(s) the material looks really really nice. Well done!


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The cockpit looks really nice.
Will we get sharp shadows like that ingame? I’ve noticed that even with extreme settings the cockpit lighting is somewhat low resolution.


i love how sharp and crisp its looking…evry single little part …nice.
Nice sneaky web update yesterday btw :wink:

Thanks for the weekly updates. I enjoy the consistency.

Also Shrödingers Keith:



@inovaekeith some of us are confused by the this next week comment, can you give us a date of the mysterious this next week, one ending on Sunday 21st or Sunday 28th?


Looking awesome as always!

Keep it up INS. :slight_smile:


I guess i may be the first one to notice your new website. It looks cool. Keep it up guys. You are the best.:grin:

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Asking them for concrete dates has never ended well. Everything proceeds according to FlavienTime.


It’s a slow and sometimes painful process. Everyone must understand that once the basic framework is laid out, the probability of “chance” is still 100%. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem involves states which can only be measured partially. Thus giving dates is near impossible as on can never truly know both: The Date and if it is s met at the same time. Only one of those informations can be acquired trough measuring the problem. Keith giving us “this next” is actually the most true answer possible, as he wants to represent the true nature of release dates, not their collapsed form.


Well I wrote the update quite late on a Sunday night so it was on the cusp of 2 different weeks haha. We’re working on releasing it by the end of this weekend.


Is this still happening?

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No it’s not, Keith should know better by now. I received my new PC config so it took 2 days to reinstall everything and get back on tracks. Then I lost a day or two because of bugs in our cooking which we didn’t encounter before, but we do now because of the additional assets. So, next week, if all goes well…


It’s not like I knew your new computer was going to arrive this week at the time I wrote that :stuck_out_tongue:


So THAT’S why people call this game IBS!



I appreciate the update and thanks again everyone for continuing to work on this awesome game. I do have a quick question based on absolutely no technical abilities whatsoever so bare with me. I have read some posts concerning clouds and how much better the planets would look with them, but due to time constraints it simply isn’t possible at the moment - my question is, in order to save time, would it be possible to use the data for the layers in the gas giant? I don’t know if that is even feasible or whether it would save time…

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It’s possible but we don’t think it will meet our minimum visual quality bar.

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Yeah, I was wondering about that…they seemed a tad too consistent and thin.