Weekly Update #24

It’s time for another weekly update. This last week has been a pretty hectic one as we pushed hard to get the forever patch ready for release. Today we started the first phase of rolling out the new patch by updating our web infrastructure. On the surface you probably haven’t noticed anything different because the update primarily applies to stuff going on behind the scenes. Over the next few days we’ll begin slowly rolling out the patch to Developer Access backers who happen to be in Discord and if everything goes smoothly that will be followed by the general release of the new patch to all Developer Access backers.

Updated WIP shot of the interceptor cockpit

Aside from that Flavien has started work on the new networking code and our artists continue work on getting our first set of production ready assets completed. Jan is getting close to finishing up the interceptor cockpit, Dan is doing the final geometry pass on space station architecture, and Kristian has finished up his civilian/industrial material experimentation and will be starting on getting the hauler production ready.

Another WIP shot of the interceptor cockpit

As we have mentioned before the plan is that by the end of August we’ll begin iterating heavily on gameplay again. The first order of business will be mocking up all of our weapons followed by additional game mechanics such as radar, resource management, etc.


Stellar! Thanks Devs for all the amazing work. :heart_eyes:


Those MFD’s!



Oh man! That Interceptor cockpit is TASTY looking!


Dat cockpit…! drool

Sounds great! This sounds like a fairly monumental step forward from the last version. In other good news, I now have a GTX 1060 to run it on and already have gotten pretty steady fps in 0.1.4 on Extreme settings :smiley: Lowest was 38 when landed on the planet’s surface near some trees (probably due to shadows?) But in flight it was pretty much sticking at 60. My dream has come true! Now bring me that content…


Wow, the cockpit looks awesome !


The cockpit’s interior is coming along niceley :slightly_smiling:

Are they planning on topling down the republic of developpers again? With more weapons?
Damn the Empire! :smiley:


I’m hyped about the update!

That cockpit is amazing. Easily beats the pants off ED, no contest.


Shared to ED, SC and LTT.


Can we get a shot of the cockpit inside the external model?


Its been 6 months or so now since KS ended. Maybe a little crazy funding week or two would be good to have once you move pledges to your own website. Help keep the games development in the minds of the wider gaming community.


so pretty :slight_smile:

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Once we release the Alpha another round of marketing may be necessary.


Beautiful works there. Can’t wait till the Corvette gets its turn!

August needs to get here. I want to play with new mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving the sexy ship porn you guys are pumping out.

That looks so good! I’m hoping the instrumentation isn’t just for show and, even if they aren’t “clickable”, show actual information such as warning/alarm lights etc.

We’ll do our best but we’re operating on a constrained budget so we can’t guarantee anything.


Well this project face of engine

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If you can’t get around to anything fancy, would it be possible to at least make it moddable so that we can add fancy things such as planned trajectories, maneuvers, etc that we can use the buttons with? Something similar to RPM in KSP?

Link: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105821-113-rasterpropmonitor-still-putting-the-a-in-iva-v0270-22-june-2016/


Making the game moddable is a very high priority however, given that it was a stretch goal we’ve come nowhere close to hitting, we can’t promise anything other than that we will do our best.


Realistically that’s all I can ask for.

Thanks Keith & team!