Weekly Update #21

You know i have very much issue with google translate and english language dont pay attention for any message what i place in topics. Dude i not trolled or something near of it i consider i pay 30 bucks and entertain semself. And about help, i guess no they no need it we pay for their work. Ya-Ya i too try show them my respect made video low-middle quality and one ship in scetch up and two art’s, mby i also think about hearts or likes, what i can show and took them meh . What we do it for only us and community. Ofcouse yes @SpaceJay made thread and Zen suddenly appear mby, we have no longer see him work with 3d model.

Good looking solar panel.

Cool, maybe you could start a thread, where everyone that has 3D modeling skills, show their ideas/concepts for modding IB, cause that is something that INS would like to add to IB, in future (if future recourses allow).

Also, this might be a good way for you to build up a portfolio, if, one day, you do want to get payed.:wink:


Hey PlasmaStruck, I’m also wanting to help INS. The way I decided to do it was to make discussion videos for YouTube about what I can find about the game and the ideas I come up with. Sadly I’m not kown but I keep trying anyways as its the best I can do. I say SpaceJay has a good idea for you and I second it so if you do it I wish you good luck.

Also, what type of fuel do the structures use? I have an idea for special structures that I will be posting later today and I would like a bit more info ob this before I put it up.

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He, @DarkZeak , you could always ask one of the developers on discord:

oh dear god, now i’m really starting to feel like a forum fairy :blush:


Thanks Jay, now to figure Discord out lol. Friend had me install it a while ago but we only used it once.

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Nice one on the plating textures. But will they blend? (serious question)

EDIT: Nevermind, it was answered in the latest art post.

I like that idea but 1. for me atleast I am not a fan of mods I like it when everyone has it, 2. I cant code a mod only model things,
I was mainly just wanting to help them by making some small or giant models that make the bases or ships look better and speed up the time they take to make so they can focus on gameplay a little more.
I wanted to help mainly by them asking for something I can make and me make it and send it to them for them to check and fix up the textures(I am far better at the modeling than the texturing, mainly because of the blender layout and blur)

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Can you be a little more specific on the thread type, I just really don’t want to mess up because every other thread I made I regret making and I cant delete them, my suggestions were horrible I only like 1 of them, maybe 2.

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Never think a suggestion is horrible. All suggestions get people thinking and even looking in other directions they may never have thought of.

As for thread type, just make it about the models you create and encourage others to join you and see what everyone can come up with. If someone describes an idea you like, ask if you can make their idea into a model and post it to show everyone. Weather or not they are used I bet inspiration will definitely come from them.

Hope this helps you.

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Where would I put it, what topic because I have chosen the wrong one before.

In truth not to sure. I guess it would depend on what you would like to make the thread as. If you making these models for suggestions then post in the suggestion area. If its just posting images related to the game while inviting more people either the general or Battlescape forums. Probably best to ask a dev or moderator. Sorry, I’m no help for this one.

Like for the suggestions : "Infinity Battlescape, Community Creations

I made a thread for people to post textures and 3D models for ideas for Infinity Battlescape, mainly just pictures of them, downloads if you like."


OK, you asked for it:

I am still trying to figure out what it is.


… A giant space station by a corporation absolutely obsessed with their logo?


At first I thought it might be a ship of some kind. After zooming in I get a feel of a specialized sensor or a locking mechanism for a hanger door.

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Was going for an alien spaceship and may still end up that way. Well, alien something anyway.

Kind of has the look of an interesting fighter to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Another angle:

Will be a challenge to keep lines while adding engines and bridge.


Now it either looks like a satellite or a sweet remake of the Independence Day ships. Either way nice.


For the record guys we hope to release modding tools at some point so that those of you who are interested can produce your own content for the game.