Weekly Update #2

Our focus remains on releasing our prototype to Developer Access backers as soon as possible. Over the last week we’ve wrapped up most of the remaining issues with account management and authorization. A basic server browser has been implemented though at release we’re most likely only going to have a single server available which will be located on the east coast of the U.S. There’s still a fair amount of work left to be done on installation/deployment/patching and worst case if we can’t get it solid enough by the end of the month we’re probably just going to make the game available via a zip file and release manual patches until the deployment code is ready. That being said you will still require a valid I-Novae account with a Developer Access+ pledge to login and play the game.

On the art side Dan and Jan continue to work on getting the WIP SFC bomber integrated into the prototype. Even in its current early form we think it’s coming together quite nicely. Kristian is nearly done with a new set of upgraded planetary textures and has also been working on concept art for a new asteroid mining facility. The general idea is that it’s a large 10km+ asteroid that has had its center hollowed out as the miners slowly move toward the perimeter. We’ll post the concept art as soon as it’s ready.


Any news on when @inovaegene, @inovaeandre and Panu will have their contracts finalized, some of us on discord have noticed that they have been banned and are kind of worried about this new development?

Our lawyers have advised us not to comment on anything during the on-going negociations, so… no comment.


I just wanted to say that I am totally cool with downloading the game as a zip and constantly downloading patches.
I totally would do that, no questions asked.
Bomber looks very nice, very good job, very nice. Can’t wait to play it. The day you guys release it I am taking the day off and play my thumbs raw.


Any chance of a screenshot of both ships together?

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I have to point out that the Bomber is still only a placeholder asset. At the moment it’s 16K triangles, when our budget has been upped to 200K+. The reason for that is that we’re still experimenting with the art pipeline and the model itself was originally made prior to the KS campaign.


Can you give us a timeline at least, surely that’s something you can share?

We have no idea. It’s been going on for a while now ( we started right after the KS ) and it still looks far from being solved, so who knows…


I’m hype, though I’m nervous that my ol’ toaster with its 570 won’t be enough to run the prototype. Would you say the minimum reqs are still 2gb vram and stuff?
Not that I mind, many games don’t quite run well on this thing anyway and I’m a bit overdue for an upgrade.

The detail work is shaping up :wink: but the overall shape is a bit disjointed. But the interior shots from earlier were really nice! Of course it’s a place holder but still nice to see progress. I agree with Playbenni 110% - have no problem with a zip file and downloading patches if need be.

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Yeah, the game uses 3-4 GB of VRAM, so 2 is already pushing it in terms of minimum ( although it does work, we’ve already tested it on older cards ). A 570 only has 1.2 GB of VRAM, in HD the buffers alone take 400 MB so there’s no way it can fit everything into memory.

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Oh well, guess I’ll be watching feverishly from the sidelines until I get myself an upgrade.
Thanks for the quick answer.

I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, nor do I really want to, but I just hope that there is very minimal if any disruption to the development of I:B. I would be more than happy to download a zip in order to play the prototype, heck you could release it as a .tap file for me, I just wanna go explore the beautiful planets you have been working on and try out the flight dynamics. Anything else is a bonus. Please please do your utmost to make the February deadline. Once we have something to play with you can take as long as you need to iron out the kinks, I for one will be too distracted to care. :slight_smile:


Are those black boxes (in the middle-up of the craft) missile cells?

this ship the most vulnerable place snot and docking module cockpit. One thing I can say for sure in the elite dangerous all the ships look like a Ferrari in space.:clap:

Agree. And it’s not a big inconvenience. EVE online is down everyday for updates so patching is not a problem.


We appreciate your understanding and flexibility with regard to the installation/patching everyone!


Well, it’s not called Dev Access for nothing :smiley:


I have always wondered where that background on your twitter page came from. Was it by one of your artists? (I suspect so because it’s sweet as all can be)

Yeah it came from one of our artists =)

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