Weekly Update #19


If we have the time/budget to build pilot meshes - yes. Otherwise they’ll just be empty seats.

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good work arter. I do not know whether a good idea to overload the cockpit. refer to interactively it was just not good-looking buttons, as in IL2 sturmovik. Manage ship so easily in the future that such a small joystick. on top hud navigation and mission. in the foreground what the hud in squares, make zoom on the target. Left Hud missile guidance
Let’s see another year ahead

or where he put his hand for a comfortable control


Judging by the terrain around it, this thing is gigantic. I just hope the texturing and further detail work will help convey the scale.

This is making me realise we haven’t really had a game with planetary defence that can actually fire on something in space :0 Truly groundbreaking!


Now imagine flying low between some hills in a valley and pulling up hard at the very last second launching pod after pod of missiles/rockets. God this is going to be fun!


This is what I’ve really been excited about because it goes both ways. It’s the true boon to having the seamless transition between space and planets…orbital bombardment has never been so cool.


As cool as Orbital Bombardment will be I hope AO weapons can out range capitals by a good margin.


There’s no reason why orbital bombardment can’t mean bombarding things in orbit :wink:


Was thinking about strategy and tactics. Bombers needing to be sent to take out AO weapons so caps can bombard structures or even orbital stations.

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The singularity of video gaming has arrived…


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