Weekly Update #18

Time for another weekly update! This week we’re happy to say we’re done with physics. We’ve primarily been working on bug fixes and preparing our next patch. Previously we had mentioned that our next patch wouldn’t contain any new content. Due to the amount of time that’s passed between now and our previous patch we felt that would be a bit underwhelming so we decided to push it back a little bit so we can include the new factory and space station placeholders. We also wrote all of the backend code for uploading, verifying, and distributing patches through our new installation system. The last step before that’s ready is to finish integration with our launcher - which is getting a major overhaul both in its UI and its internals.

A section of a land base

On the art side the majority of the geometry placeholders are complete. There’s still some work to be done on the land base and once we start iterating on weapons we’ll likely have some additional mockups to create, both for weapon geometry as well as particle effects, but at the moment we think we’re in a pretty good spot with regard to the look and feel of our ships and structures. From this point onward we’re going to begin focusing on getting assets retail ready starting with cockpits and assets with a form that isn’t affected much by gameplay such as the hauler.

The ground view of a land base

Once the patch is released our focus will shift back toward improving the networking layer, particularly our hit detection and latency compensation, which got delayed by the improvements to our physics subsystem. Sometime in July, after the networking improvements are finished, we will pivot back toward iterating heavily on gameplay starting with weapons. Mockups for our HUD and the game UI/menu system will also be produced. We will be focusing all of our energy on getting the major gameplay systems implemented in time for our Alpha release at the end of October.

A small hangar bay in a land base

As far as graphics are concerned we need to make some improvements to our decal and particle system rendering. On our forums we’ve discussed D3D12 and Vulkan quite a bit however it currently looks like it’s unlikely we’ll get to any significant graphics or optimization work until sometime in 2017.


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Very nice :wink:

If memory serves, you’ve stated to hope starting on the gameplay side somewhere in June / July. Any chance this schedule is still viable?

Are those in-game screenshots? They look amazing - i mean look at the scale on that background! :open_mouth:
So many games treat background as an afterthought but this really puts such an impressive sensation. I’m so glad i backed this. Can’t wait to just fly around.


Look like renders with stock photo backgrounds so far. Really nice looking models tho. Love the ground-vehicles. :slight_smile:

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Stock photos!? Say it ain’t so. :slightly_smiling:

I think when Alpha is ready, it’s time to hit E3 and blow everyone’s space socks off!

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Not on our budget ;p


I’ll sponsor cocktails but that’s it! :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: :cocktail:

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PAX South would be good timing if you can share a booth with a sponsor.

Those are renders though we certainly consider it flattering that it looked close enough to our tech that it warranted debate haha.


What do you use to make the models for the bases and stuff(I use blender) because I would like to help you by summiting some of my stuff to you and how do you format ships and stuff? Do you like have multiple parts for landing gear and yea, well I guess for now I will just summit basic models like the main ship. Also can this be on steam when its ready so its easier to start up and update also more people will play it on steam.

When you ask a painter if that’s a photo and he just smirks. XD

More like asking if a photo was one of their paintings. :wink:

Thanks a lot for the updates. I always read them on my e-mail. Everything looks awesome so far, keep up the good work!


good work arter.