Weekly Update #17

Time for another weekly update! The team has been primarily working on the same stuff that has been occupying its time for the last 2 weeks. On the art side work continues on the new space stations and land bases. As mentioned before these are big, complicated assets and are going to take some time to get integrated into the prototype.

Some new corvette cockpit concept art

We’re also working diligently to get the next patch released which will include upgraded physics and a new multi-threaded game loop. This is all pretty complicated code so there’s been an uptick in bugs that we’re working on getting stable before we ship the next version.

That’s pretty much it for last week which also included a holiday here in the U.S. Once we get this patch out there will be more to discuss!


Shared to ED. SC, LTT.


Your efforts are greatly appreciated! And liking the looks of the corvette cockpit with the floating screens. :+1: