Weekly Update #13

Hey everyone time for another update. This last week has been a continuation of the work started the previous week. On the engineering side we’re primarily working on low level net code and infrastructure. As far as gameplay is concerned one of the most important areas of improvement we need to make is to our latency interpolation and client-side prediction (which hides latency). This ensures that, as long as you aren’t trying to cheat, if you see your bullets hitting an enemy ship on your screen the server will also see your bullets hitting the enemy ship. Needless to say when this doesn’t work well it can be quite frustrating. There’s also some minor bug fixes that will be rolled out in the next patch.

(Completed concept art of a factory)

On the art side we’re wrapping up the last few remaining pieces of concept art as well as continuing to iterate on the 3d mockups of the bomber, corvette, and interceptor. As mentioned last week we’ve also started work on the space station, land base, and factory. These are large assets and will take a lot of time before they reach a completed state so we’ll be slowly rolling them out piece by piece as development progresses.

(Additional improvements to iteration 3 of the bomber)

That’s it for this week. A major goal for us is to get to the point where we can release one or more new patches to the game every week. Once we get there we’ll have a lot of these boring (but important) infrastructure systems out of the way and we’ll be able to focus more on gameplay.


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New bomber model on sketchfab.

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Awesome! But I have to say, the bases are looking really good…in fact I think they outshine the ships. :heart_eyes:
Hell, if you added another extension it would have even made a very cool and unique shape for a ship.

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Love the concept!

The turrets do look a little bit like primitive water towers though with the slanted legs :stuck_out_tongue:

The factory concept art is amazing but I’m not very keen on the look of the bomber. Those huge shoulders make it feel more like a hauler than a combat ship.

I think it looks better without them.


I agree in part. The size of them makes them significant, and therefore you expect it to serve a function but it’s just a solid block. Perhaps if there were missile/torpedo pods in the 45° forward faces it would look more like an attack vessel.

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Shared on reddit: Weekly Update #13 (Thank you dce42)

Im happy to see netcode getting immediate attention, i cant wait to really get into the nitty gritty of gameplay balance once we can test things at length.

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Why do another iteration of the Bomber, the original looked perfect. Base looks great ofcourse.