Weekly Update #123

Hey everybody. In this week’s update, good news. The last major issues for the haulers implementation have been solved. ETA for the next patch is next sunday (09/16). Haulers are now fully functionnal; they spawn at factory hangars and carry resources (the amount of resources is based on the factory type: small, medium, large; and the state of the factory, and especially the amount of storage tanks that have been destroyed or not). They travel to the nearest space station and dock with it, turning the resources into team credits. These credits then get split amongst all players (or if there aren’t enough players on the server, between players and the AI commander). Obviously, if a hauler gets destroyed on its way the resources are lost and the team will not gain credits from it. Haulers will defend themselves when attacked and resume course on their path once the way is cleared.

Hauler flying towards a space station

In the coming days, what remains to be done is mostly tuning and rebalancing the game around haulers. They will become the most important way of earning credits in the game, so protecting them is your team’s responsability. Note that it’s only the first implementation for haulers gameplay. As usual we’ll iterate on it once we figure out what works or not and what causes issues/bugs. Also note that the game still suffers from a lack of awareness problem which we’ll address in the coming months by revamping the HUD and introducing the star system map, and more clear objectives. In the mean time we’re probably going to use small tricks (like “pinging” haulers under attack) but the global picture might still feel confusing.

Hauler docking at the space station

On the art side, Kristian is almost done with his update of the factory hanglar module; Jan continues to work on the carrier (he’s moved to the back side) and Dan has started to work on designing the statue rewards for Kickstarter backers

-Flavien Brebion