Weekly Update #119

This week in Infinity: Battlescape, we have continued to work on the hauler, which has turned out to be more complex than anticipated. The AI navigation path is now almost finished but still far from perfect. A path can be generated from a planetary ground installation to another, either on the same planet or another planet. The path generator properly sets up a course to avoid collisions with a planet, which as you can imagine is pretty useful :slight_smile:

What it currently doesn’t do (yet) is to figure out whether there’s a third-party planet ( like a gas giant ) in the way. Also some generated paths are sub optimal, but improving the algorithm can be deferred to another iteration, so I think it’s good enough for our first implementation.

Planet-to-planet generated path

Jan and Kristian have been working on the warp interdiction visual effect and sound which is now ready for the upcoming patch. Our artists have also been working on the carrier geometry for a while ( although at a lower priority due to other tasks ) but an update will be coming in a few weeks. Finally, Dan and Kristian have started to work on the Kickstarter-exclusive mercenery operative interceptor reward which will be a cosmetic alternative to the current interceptor.

Warp interdiction effect WIP

In other news, ObsidiantAnt has published a small video of Infinity: Battlescape’s Alpha, which you can view here:

That’s it for now, see you next week !

-Flavien Brebion


That was flattering! He does pluralize a lot (there is only one star for example) Do the people playing agree with him?
That’s what I want to know.

@INovaeHutchings and Kristian, I’m counting here on some real badass design :sunglasses:

It was nice of Obsidian to double your budget for you in that video. :wink:


Looking forward to seeing those haulers in game @INovaeFlavien. I am curious, though; is that warp interdiction going to be the primary means of taking them out, or will they be slow in their final approach/arrival or departure from bases and stations?

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Flavien touched on that in update 117: