Weekly Update #117

This week we released two short videos showcasing some of the recent updates from the alpha version. First of all, the station destruction propagation effect. For demonstration purposes, the whole station explodes as soon as a single module is destroyed, however in game the players need to reach a destruction threshold before this actually happens. If you watch carefully you’ll see how modules explode after one another until the whole station is damaged:

In this second video, you can see the Glimmerfall asteroid station / factory hybrid that was mentionned in last week’s update:

Last week I also mentionned that we started to work on haulers. At the moment, factories generate credits directly at a certain rate per minute. These credits get stored in a team-shared pool and redistributed to players and to the AI commander every once in a while. Once we introduce haulers, this will change. Instead of generating credits directly, factories will instead spawn a hauler controlled by the AI that will fly to other stations / bases in the star system. When they reach their destination they will turn their internal cargo resources into credits for the team. So one of the ways to get an advantage over the enemy team is to destroy their haulers in order to shut down some of their credits income. This will also provide more dynamic objectives and points of conflicts between the players.

There are basically three steps to implement them. The first step is generating a realistic navigation path between the factory hangar and the destination installation ( most likely a space station ) hangar. This path must be generated in a smart way. A straight line would be no good, maybe passing through the center of the planet if the destination is on the other side.

Bomber flying near a land base

The second step is to make the hauler AI fly along the path and react to being under attack ( sending a distress signal and trying to flee ). This should be relatively easy, as the existing bots can already do that to some extent. One issue is that the distance between the factory and the destination might be very far away ( potentially tens of thousands of Kilometers ), so flying the hauler at low conventional speeds ( < 1 km / s ) means it could take hours for a single hauler to reach its objective. This is no good either as we want to generate credits for the team on a pretty regular basis, every few minutes; so even if there are many haulers flying around, it’d still take too much time to gather credits.

Instead of flying at conventional speed all the way, haulers will enter warp after flying at conventional speed for a few minutes. Enemy players will have to force them out of warp. We’re currently figuring out the mechanics for that, but for our initial implementation we are planning on introducing an active warp interdiction system where you press a key to deploy a warp-jam field around your ship for a few seconds and force any enemy within that range to warp out. Only corvettes or capital ships will be equipped with this device, so that an interceptor cannot force a bigger ship out of warp.

Land-base on another planet

More news on the implementation of haulers next week. I currently have no ETA for the next patch including haulers, so I do not guarantee that it will be available this week-end.

-Flavien Brebion


@devs, don’t forget to check the youtube comments for these two new videos and answer some questions as they pop up. All videos you release from here on in should be periodically checked for comments and answer what you can.

Also, nearer release will you be capturing and posting 4K videos. I’m sure a lot of 4K gamers will welcome this on the offical channel as and when its available.


One sugestion is to have the AI create a waypoint flight path. This path would then be acessible to the player which could change the waypoints and the path itself. The AI woudl simply fly that waypoint flight path.
This would add extra gameplay, for example changing the flight path to to pass thru friendly systems, changing away from areas of high inderdiction, etc. This would force “the pirates” to work to keep up with changes in the flightpaths. :grinning:

I think that sort of thing is out of scope because it would require additional user interface and interaction systems.
I think the haulers will basically take the shortest route to their destination.

Maybe if there is an enemy installation in the vicinity of the flight path then the path will be adjusted to hug the surface for a while before ascending.

@INovaeFlavien Do the explosions ever stop? I think they should…

Agreed. Hopefully this is just an initial implementation, as a proof of concept. We need something along these lines to avoid the need to shoot every single individual piece of the station.

Some options I would like:

  • Vaguely random propagation out from the module destroyed. Perhaps it goes further in one direction than the other, as if some modules are fighting the destruction internally, with some being successful and some not.
  • Some modules causing more or less damage depending on their significance.
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Lol do you guys even read the update?
As I understood the propagation effect only occurs when the station is heavily damaged and beyond saving, leading to complete destruction, not as shown in the video.
It was implemented to avoid having to destroy every single module. The threshold for having the station die completely was adjusted in the recent update I believe, for gameplay testing reasons probably.
Anyway, during gameplay the station exploding looks way more realistic because a huge part of modules have to be destroyed already, giving the impression that the remaining modules start to catch fire/receive destruction.

I would be nice to have a giant final explosion at the end though.


I clearly read, but did not see! I hang my head in shame… :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:




Just a reminder :slight_smile: