Weekly Update #105

Hey everyone, it’s time for your weekly update! This week our primary focus has been on getting another patch ready for the weekend. The big ticket items will be planet fixes and improved peripheral/HOTAS support. We’ve discovered a bug in one of our build scripts that causes one of the game’s 3rd party dependencies, specifically Microsoft’s 2017 C-Runtime (CRT), to be skipped during installation/upgrade. This bug will cause the game to crash when the Play button is pressed in the launcher unless you happen to already have the 2017 CRT installed (most people already have it). It will be fixed in the next patch.

Flying over the volcanic moon of Cinder.

On the art side a lot of effort is being spent on the carrier. This is both the largest and the most complicated ship in Infinity: Battlescape. Great care must be taken with how we design the hangar as it will not only serve as a spawn point but also a place to get repaired and re-armed. The carrier is the last ship for us to get the final geometry pass completed and our goal is to get it mocked up in the game by the time we release the Alpha.

Flying towards sunrise over a gas giant.

That’s all for this week, until next time!


OMG Microsoft still runs on CRTs?! jeeez! It’s 2018, upgrade to LEDs already




I think we can all agree that that is how everyone reacted. :laughing:


I like these regular patches :grinning: Any development on capital ship controls/HUD? I guess this can come later, but it’s going to be important for Alpha for ship gameplay balancing.


It’ll come later but I’m not sure it’ll be in alpha or after, as there’s already a “placeholder” model to control capships so it’s not the highest priority.

What is going to be in alpha is each turret free-aiming at potentially different targets, which is going to impact capital ships gameplay a lot.


I count that as a big step in the right direction! Cap ships might have an easier time swatting those pesky swarms of interceptors :grin:

From patch notes:

Yay and yay :grinning: That is some awesome optimisation right there, plus you really know how easily we are amused!


Not having seen the windows launcher or game settings/input editor windows,I was wondering if a the polish stage they can all be dark UI’s including dark UI borders (windows) as well. So it all looks space like and dark.

Also in the patch;

Added experimental support for DirectInput force feedback. If somebody has a FF-enabled joystick, please test this build and let me know if you can feel a rumble/vibrations on the stick. Also, please send me the log file in PM, thank you.

Great news. Just sad I don’t have a gaming computer to help test this for you. I have a ton of FFB sticks and gamepads etc.

@INovaeFlavien I guess I could send you a few FFB sticks so you have some of the more popular FFB sticks on hand for testing.

Some examples of the most popular and best force feedback HOTAS and joysticks.

Device Name: Logitech Flight System G940 HOTAS
Controller ID: 0x0
Vendor ID: 0x046D
Product ID: 0xC287

Device Name : Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner Force feedback HOTAS
VendorID 0x044F
ProductID 0xB550

(Earlier FFB version of the T.Flight X HOTAS) and the current Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 - 2016.

Device Name : Microsoft Force Feedback 2 Stick
VID: 0x045E
PID: 0x001B

Device Name : WingMan Force 3D
Vendor ID: 0x046D
Product ID: 0xC283

Device Name : WingMan Strike Force 3D
Vendor ID: 0x046D
Product ID: 0xC285

Device Name : Cyborg Evo Force
Vendor Id : 0x06A3
Product Id : 0xFFB5

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