Wayward Terran Frontier (WTF)

Figured I would come in here and introduce This game as I think its a great game and imagine it as a nice platform for modding.

Kickstarter HERE

Wayward Terran Frontier was the original project, and it was meant to be a multiplayer cooperative galaxy exploration RPG where players could command a big space ship as a team and explore the galaxy looking for loot and adventure. The first kickstarter didn’t work out, but the team gained an artist through kickstarter so we decided to rebrand and redesign the project as Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls, a single player space exploration and adventure RPG.

You play as a human captain stranded in an uninhabited star system that happens to be full of conflict and mystery. There was a cancelled terraforming project in this system which has left behind an abandoned yet habitable planet and a lot of infastructure. There are multiple factions which have set up shop in the area for different reasons, for some reason an elite paramilitary organization has been commissioned to protect the abandoned planet, and other groups have moved in to support their efforts and profit off of local resources. Your task, given to you by the AI that woke you up, is to land a ship on the abandoned planet, and it won’t be easy.

The gameplay centers around an upgradeable space station where the player can use a special matter furnace to convert raw materials into new ships and weapons and equipment. The station also offers a risk-free home base for the player to engage in crafting, farming, and ship design activities between adventures.

Outside the station the player will find a large semi-procedural solar system with asteroid belts, space stations, ice fields, pirate raiders, civilians going about their daily lives, and deadly mercenary forces patrolling for people like you. The game is very open in design with a focus on free exploration. There is a huge amount of space to cover and there are interesting things hidden everywhere for the player to find.
Game Engine Specs
The game engine is completely custom, built on .NET and the XNA framework.
Infinite world + hand made content: The world is divided into massive sectors with different biomes that procedurally generate environments. Then our team manually enters those areas and hides loot, enemies, secrets, and story elements as if it were an easter egg hunt.
All objects enterable, alterable, creatable: Game objects use a data structure where meta-data is embedded into the artwork which allows object interiors to be created on the fly. That means we can have hundreds of thousands if not millions of objects in the universe, and while each object you see has the overhead of a sprite, entering the object instantly generates a full interactive, destructive, and meaningful interior complete with moving parts, loot, fancy atmosphere and energy calculations, and sometimes enemies. That also means any ship you find can be captured, reverse engineered, modified, and created by the player.
Insane combat damage model: Ships don’t have hitpoints, they have modules linked to tiles. When you shoot a capacitor it can start fires that will spread across the ship consuming oxygen. When you shoot a reactor it can explode sending pieces of the ship flying off into space. When you shoot the bridge you might hit the captain and end the fight immediately. Ships are considered dead when their crew is dead.
Data driven design: Objects really are sprites, and can be put directly into the game with nothing more than an image editor. We want people to use the engine for creating their own content.
Release Status
The game is being tested by friends and family. We are preparing a version for press that we hope will be done real soon, if you are interested in a review copy you should register on the store and send us a message with the contact us form: contact us

Check out the media section for more HERE

I’m sorry, but TLDNR, the first link you posted is broken and the second link to the media page takes 5min to load. Is this a sales pitch, you work for them? Post a youtube video and make sure your links work :wink:

Sorry ha ha this sites format is weird! fixed the link for the KS page witch has a video.

No i dont work for them i’m just a backer spreading the word wanting this to get funded :stuck_out_tongue:

Some things should get funded and i think this is one of them

I don’t think you need to worry much for the funding, asking for $20k and have raised $12k in a few days. However I’m not really sure if a professional game can be made for that amount of money, is the team Eastern European or Asian, money goes much further there?

I see they are selling ships, seems like a SC style cash grab with pay to win approach, I wont be pledging, thanks for raising awareness, with any luck we’ll be doing the same in a few months.

Just two people an artist and a programmer as for the ship selling they are just ways to raise funds for the game.
I have been following this game for a long time and believe me is very much a labour of love from George the game programmer.

The game is single player so no pay to win there :stuck_out_tongue:

If sales are good and the game does well there could be a MMO/multiplayer type game based on this next.

We have a George here, and you don’t want anything to do with George. Also you are saying that having a $750 ship is not gonna produce an advantage, well then there is really no reason to buy it. :wink:

George is soft … George is fresh …
But George is really not handy …
Here’s the explanation :slight_smile:

I have received multiple questions about how combat works, usually asking for clarification on how damage and attacks are calculated. I think the primary misunderstanding is the system is more complex than most people intuitively expect. The game we pitched in the trailer and in various bullet point lists says walking inside ships and subsystem based damage. However the only way to properly convey gameplay is through video.

So to clarify things I have recorded a short video in which I hunt down a pirate, disable the ship, board it, and get into a brief fire-fight with the pirate captain.


Also In case you missed it. here is the link to our podcast with Space Game Junkie:

Podcast link: http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/featured/sgj-episode-82-funny-ways-die-wayward-terran-frontier-falls/

We talked about all sorts of random stuff for hours and even though the game was a bit buggy in its pre-funding state we had enough fun to get carried away until our time ran out.

It lives again ! :latin_cross: :zombie: (topic i mean)

I had missed this one.
Just saw the old trailer and man this looks good. :+1:
Loving the dark-ish moody atmosphere.
Another one for the wish-list.


Wow old post haha! game is very much alive and moving and its keeps getting better :stuck_out_tongue: