Warp Jamming visual mini feedback post

While I understand that all visuals in Infinity Battlescape are currently wip to varying degrees I still wanted to mention some thoughts regarding the visuals of the new Warp Jamming mechanic.

I understand what it is going for here, and am rather fond of the cloud of energy that appears, spreads out and then takes a moment to dissipate though clearly there is some room for iteration there to make it look even nicer.

But the lightning arc effects have a lot of room for improvement and so just wanted to share some specific thoughts on them:

Here is a clip right from I:B.

Here is a clip of some real life lightning.

And here is a simple sprite frame animation of some electrical arcs.

I feel the current wip state of the arcs as seen in the alpha propagate too slowly, are not energetic enough, and last too long and thus feel overall vaguely wrong. I know how difficult animation can be, but my broad recommendation for making them look good would be to make them propagate at least 10x faster, last less long, “freeze” on some parts of the sequence for a frame or two, be much brighter, visually flash with a big blinding glow, and overall feel angry and like it wants to kill you!

To make such in-theory bolder visuals not overwhelm the game, less arcs would be produced, but each one would be substantially more significant and energetic. Anyways those are just my thoughts, of how I might suggest some visual improvements for one part of Warp Jamming, and I am looking forward to additional development and testing.


I agree, I think they could even tolerate being sped up by 100x to get a really good energy flash effect. To compensate just throw in a lot more of them, they don’t appear to be something that should be computationally expensive.

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