Warp effect - tails!

I heard Hutch say that the studio was looking at toning down the warp effect. I beg you not to. Hear me out:

Look behind your ship when you warp, and play around with your set while adjusting your heading. The “warp tunnel” looks so damn cool trailing behind you! Maybe toning down the part of the tunnel ahead of the ship wouldn’t spoil the aesthetic too much, but consider adding a longer trail behind the ship. Maybe with a light source and particle emitter trailing behind the ship to make the trail look even more interesting, and make spotting undetected enemies through the window a fun element.

There’s precedent for a trailed look to warp drive in other milieu. I wouldn’t dare guess how resource intensive it is to render that effect for all ships in warp within rendering range, but I hope it wouldn’t be prohibitive.

Thanks for reading


if anything i feel the warp animations could be buffed a little for small craft. I can tell when a big ship is running away, but the smaller ships, i won’t really come to the conclusion they’re bugging off until they speed off faster than i can catch them

And i’m pretty good at catching people. Or at least i like to think so


The effect that we have now is already the toned-down version. Before you could barely see anything other than a big milkshake while at high warp speeds. :crazy_face: