Wallpaper - Give Us Your Best Shot! (Image Intensive)


Another shot of that sweet buttonny goodness


Imagine all these buttons could be used like in Rogsys!


See, E:D’s pop-up hologrammicallish stuff is all very well, but there is no substitute for BUTTONZZZ!! :smiley: Makes the ship feel real and somewhat unique. Can’t wait to get on this weekend!


@inovaekeith any chance you could spend some time getting @spacejay 's account back up, we are missing him here?


I spent a good chunk of yesterday on it. Unfortunately it seems whatever happened to him will be non-trivial to resolve. I’ve been in touch w/ the Discourse ppl and they’re quite baffled as well.


@SpaceJay is back!

Thank’s @InovaeKeith for your persistance.
Here are some first shots from patch

Thanks for the trip @karacho!


Welcome back to the forums! :smiley:


SpaceJay, we missed you big time. Good to have you back. :+1::grinning::v:


Once they get some textures those bases are going to look awesome :smiley:


There so beautiful!!! :astonished:


They really do look awesome. Soon as I get back on I’m going to sit in one of them all day. :grinning:

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Great screens SpaceJay, thank you and welcome back. Though two screen sticked out for me this time…

This one concerns me a bit. Although I like mixing common noise algorithms like perlin with some more different that for example add cut-offs (e.g. using worley), in this screen the cut-off looks really unnatural, as it follows a long line across the surface, and is crossed at nearby 90 degree by another cut-off. Looks really synthetic. But it might be something specifically in the screenshot and not something that happens in the final product.

This second one shows what I feel bad about in almost all space games that play with procedural planet content, here, ED, NMS, etc. The space stations look way to much “placed”. Pseudo-randomly, looking like a single asset just placed somewhere on the surface for no reason (which is what it is if we are honest). I think it would add some more… well… immersion lets say if thered be additional different objects placed around that major space station, nearby but disconnected to the main asset. Solar panels, additional housings, science stations, whatever you like. Or a different biome or whatever. To give it the impression that the whole station area is more integrated to the surface.


Mmm yes, good thinking. I was also wondering how to solve the “random building in the middle of nowhere” syndrome. I mean, maybe it’s quite authentic to have a solitary outpost, but there could be outlying buildings/structures scattered nearby, which would help it feel more established.


I agree. A few scattered modules randomly placed separate to the main structure would help it look like a more established place.

And this is without any texturing on the buildings or procedural ground ‘disturbance’ textures.


Aww…you guys!..:kissing_heart:

@JoergZdarsky both good points about the 90 degree cut-offs and building distribution.


A journey through the Infinity:Battlescape prototype (patch 1.6)

(Some untextured assets are currently in use)

Today I decided to document a journey to some of the new ground stations and do a bit of sightseeing in the bomber. In the wake of the new patch, I haven’t yet sorted out a cockpit-free view, but it turns out the cockpit texturing and shadows now look so good, I didn’t care!
HUD is off for most of this to provide uncluttered beauty!

It began with an orbital encounter with a Cinder space station.

Then a trip to a surface base on Aresthia. Looked like a dry, dusty day!

Leaving Aresthia and heading to orbit.

Next stop was Sarake.

A careful descent through the atmosphere was needed.

Until the base came into view.

Nearly crashed into it…

Anyone who has seen my shots knows I love a good dusk or dawn.

It was a beautiful setting.

To the rings!

Watch out for those rocks.

A brief glimpse of Glimmerfall station.

The end!


Thanks Sab1e…all great shots. They are going to make for some nice wallpaper. :heart_eyes:


No thanks needed, I consider it a public service to show what this prototype is capable of! The engine makes it easy to find beauty… I’m just the monkey with a screenshot button. :wink:


lol. Yeah, I find it so easy to make beautiful shots because everywhere you look is splendor!

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I also suggested track ways and roadways and ground disturbances around bases. Which would fit with and link up your out buildings and panels idea. Track ways going further out to mines or other deposits etc. With ground operations going on.