Waiting for you game

I bought Elite: Dangerous to play last year , I found it is not seamless!Each star system like a transparent fishbowl that separated from others,if you want to go to other start system you will see a cool “Loading” interface!In addition to this,the DLC of Horizons more expensive than main body of this game and split two part to sell!Nice,They must kidding everybody who play the ED game!I haven’t played this game for a long time.Maybe five months.
Of cause,It also has many advantages like high quality graphic and music!But it is not SEAMLESS!That is a important thing what I care about!

No Mans Sky ! To be honest it attracted my attention,but I dont like the graphic which has cartoon style and when I see videos them posted I cant find what the Milky Way looks like !Maybe everywhere are stars! This gives me a feeling of depression!
Even so,when they released in June maybe I will buy it!

SC(Star Citizen),In China,we call it “The religion that sell ship”.Tooooooo many believers.They always sell new ship one by one! And I don’t have enough money to buy their ships.

I am a sucker for photo-realistic graphic and for everything are seamless !
Sorry about I don’t back your project in KS. I lost a lot of money in forex last year(my first year in forex)! But I will buy you game when you gues released the game in 2017!

(Please ignore the mistakes in grammar!My english is not good!)


I am also illiterate. i notice that they made a good game.
They will eat well and receive a salary in the amount of 2191.78082192 each month.

According to the pyramid , that all participants have to cope . If they will follow her wisdom

Sorry,I dont understand what youre saying. :confused:

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I think he’s saying that Inovae have the resources they need to complete the game in full.


exacly selbie you good translator


I dont think so! If they dont crowdfunding by KS, Then they should have a job to make money to supply their family.
Therefore they don’t have enough time to do their Inovae work! And you will wait a long time who knows when it’s time to finish the game!
The most important is they have no time, not resources.But extra resources can give them time to finish the game quickly.