Victory Music to Celebrate a Successful KS Campaign

I think this fantastic song captures the entire spectrum of the roller coaster of emotions I bet every one of us felt during the campaign. Even the name is fitting (Creation of Earth)! Consider it as victory music. Enjoy:

00:00 - Countdown for the KS is nearing it’s end.
00:10 - The KS campaign launches with all it’s glory!
00:21 - The feeling when I saw BlueDrake approach the volcanic moon for the first time. Funding is rapid at this point.
01:00 - Funding slows down! Panic sets in the community.
01:31 - Due to frantic effort by the developers and many community members we start to see spikes in funding. Go Space Boner!
02:04 - Scott Manley and CR chip in. Now it’s is starting to look really promising!
02:36 - Starting to look really good!
03:25 - Wingman chips in to seal the deal.
03:48 - FUNDED!!! :rocket:
04:20 - Thunderclap is unleashed!
05:02 - Now the real work starts for the devs…
05:10 - Starting the long wait for the release of the game (this is easy, we are experts already!)


Nice choice of music, I do like stuff by Thomas Bergersen :slight_smile:


Added my interpretations in the OP :slight_smile:

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Excellent choice of track! It greatly amused me following the interpretations as it went along. Definitely been a rollercoaster of a Kickstarter!

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Great choice of music!

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Hah! I was actually thinking along the same lines, I’ve heard this great track many times before. A truly fitting choice!


I’m working on finishing the track that I wrote for TQFE a while back, it’s kind of victory music for me.

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This comes to mind…

Victory song, but the overall war is far from over, with many uncertain future chapters to be written.
May the force guide us all for these times.

Although “Creation of Earth” is more wildlife and nature-themed, it does sort of fit the occasion. You all should go check out the other songs Thomas Bergersen + Two Steps From Hell have made; they’re probably some of the best you’ll ever find!