Upgrade pledge not showing in product tab

hello, i would like to upgrade my pledge, however, i am not getting the option to in the products tab of my account on your website. I have joined the discord and someone mentioned that i needed to have both my Indigogo and Inovae accounts using the same email. so, they were different i have corrected the issue, so i thought, by changing the email on my indigogo accout to the same used on the Inovae website.

what do i have to do to upgrade my support from the planatary package to the Stellar…???

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problems solved on the discord thanks to INovaeHutchings, Kieth, Lomsor, critic, and Naiba . it was a matter of my login credentials. I setup my indigogo with my comcast email, and logged into Inovae website with my google cred. so yea once i was linked to the “add Email”
tab on your site i was able to add my comcast account, verify, and Boom, problem solved.


Ah ok I didn’t see this thread until I just posted my response to your other post. Glad to see everything got sorted out. Sorry for the confusion.

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