Unofficial Community Forum Guide (mk.2)

*This is a resurrected version of something I posted in the old forums. I hereby re-donate an edited version to the new forums in the hope it will guide some newcomers once again! I will try to keep updating it.

The I-Novae Forums: a guide to posting.

(Infinity and Infinity:Battlescape forums)

Introduction - I know this seems long, but I try to be lively!

First of all, if you are new here, let me welcome you to a fantastic community! Some of us have been here for years supporting this project, some are much newer, but all are welcome to share their thoughts and contribute to discussions. Oh, and some are hibernating, and possibly haven’t even realised the new forums are up.

The old forums were a little intimidating at first sight, with many topics accumulated over the years. Even now, with this clean slate on a shiny new site, it has a potential to fill up quickly!

Those of you who have experienced other areas of the internet, will know that forums each have a particular personality. This emerges from a collective attitude amongst its members, and I have to say Infinity has one of the best, most mature and supportive communities I have come across.

So welcome, and get stuck in!

Tips and Hints

1) Forum rules (a.k.a. Avoiding the ban-hammer).

Common sense folks. Don’t know if there are plans to reinstate an updated set of forum rules, but the usual things still apply. Be nice! Good manners and polite discussion can go a long way to avoiding misunderstandings.

Edit: Just found the I-Novae forum FAQ - Click here for more info.

2) Clear posts (a.k.a. You don’t have to use big words).

Excitement is fine. Enthusiasm is great. Confusion is not.

Before you post a response to a thread, make sure you have thought carefully about what you are going to say. Do your best to articulate it in a way that will reduce misunderstandings. This is the best way to avoid annoying people.

3) Respect (a.k.a. We come in peace!).

Forums are by nature a giant melting-pot of ideas. By posting here, you are inevitably going to find someone who disagrees.

Do not try to change anyone else’s views. Their opinion is just as valid as your own, just be aware of different points of view and do not get drawn into an argument under any circumstances.

4) Language (a.k.a. I cannae understan’ yer page fulla text).

We understand if English is not your first language. But please, try your best to be clear.

Use punctuation (capital letters, full stops, all of it), write in sentences, and people will know you have made an effort. This is the way to get your posts taken seriously.

5) Research (a.k.a. Wait, I’ve seen this before…).

Not as much of a problem currently, since everything is nice and blank. However, it is helpful to check things out first and make sure someone else has not already asked the same question you want to ask!

6) Stay on-topic (a.k.a. Conversation + Distraction = Derailment).

It is a good idea to always read the opening post, and the title of the conversation. This will tell you what the it is supposed to be about.

If people have been derailed onto something else, give them a helpful nudge back in the right direction. If you always put something relevant to the opening post in your own response, you will be safe.

All this helps keep different conversations focussed and less ideas get lost!

7) Enjoy! (a.k.a. Now where’s my wallet so I can throw money at I-Novae?)

Get stuck in! Poke around, find some threads you know you can contribute to and join the conversation. We don’t bite (usually), so go for it and let your voice be heard.

Hopefully, we will see increasing amounts of action from the I-Novae team while they do things that make us drool onto our keyboards in delight.

To Infinity and beyond!

I dedicate this guide to I-Novae so they can continue making the damn game.  :wink:



Thanks for this Sab1e.
I expect the people who most need to read this are the ones that won’t bother reading stickies… hmpf

Yep, it’s a shame, but it seems Jeff (creator of Discourse) is ‘not a fan of colors’.
We could add it but that’s unlikely to happen for a while obviously.

It appears it didn’t take very long at all. :smile:

It was actually already here, but after reading Jeff’s post I didn’t bother to look any further.

… Just in case any new folk need a look at it…
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