Ultra HD Screenshot

Hello, just a small suggestion.

In Elite Dangerous, there’s a button that allows you to take a screen shot, just like in the prototype.

However, there is another button that allows you to take a high-definition screen shot. Basically, the screen shot is in 4k.

It would be cool if something like that could be done with IB. So maybe on the start up splash, you can set the definition of a single shot.

Maybe IB can go further. For example, there can be more post-processing. Or increase the level of detail in terrain generation. It would be taxing on any system to have a 4K resolution with processing above current extreme level. But would it be possible with just one frame?

Anyways, at least a High-Def button would be cool.

With our current rendering pipeline it’s non-trivial to do something like this as we’d have to re-allocate the entire post-processing chain twice. That will likely change before the game ships.


Goodie, that’d be awesome :slightly_smiling: