Detailed Gameplay Info?

After a handful of hours, this post on ship types was by far the most useful section on this entire forum for me.

Is there any additional details about gameplay mechanics? Wondering about things like:

  • Countermeasures: How do they actually work? How many missiles can they stop? Is there a max range? Cooldown? They seem to be different between ships?
  • Weapon Stats: Any lists or tables with all the numbers? Max range, fire rate, speeds, damage, firing arcs. Is there ever a reason to have weapons turned off?
  • Targetting: Some ships and weapons target, some don’t. How do the automatic ones choose their targets?
  • Shields: They block damage, but we see some ships taking hull damage before shields are depleted. Is this a ratio?
  • Overcharge: They make systems better, but what’s the downside?
  • Stations: We’ve seen that you can knock out hangers and turrets, but its not clear what kind of weapons can do that. Are there other parts that can be destroyed? Do they repair themselves over time?
  • AI Commanders\Missions: How do they work? Where do their units come from? What triggers an assault/defense and how exactly do they end?
  • Credits: How do you get them besides killing stuff? What do team credits do (are they divided up between participants of a mission)? What counts for participating in a mission? Sometimes we see them ticking up gradually, what causes that?
  • Warp/Travel: Is there an easy way to tell that a station is on a near or far side of the planet? Sometimes we see giant arrows pointing towards stations or other objects. What are those about?

Thanks. The game is very cool.

  • Haulers: How do you find them?

I think shield % is the ratio of damages that bleeds off to hull.

Less energy available for blasters (slower recharge) and engine boost

Only projectile weapons and explosives can destroy stuff, blasters only deplete shields and cause random systems failures once shields are depleted.
Stations don’t repair themselves at the moment.

You get a bonus if you kill targets at an objective (participating to a battle). You get also rewarded for scanning objectives at the start of a match (mostly). Team credits are split between players and the team AI commander to spawn ships and create battles. When an enemy fairs well he also gets a bounty from your commander that you can earn when killing it.

Blinking = occluded by the planet.

Known hauler “trade routes”. Haulers spawn at ground bases and transport resources to stations. Killing the hauler lessens enemy income.

See above.

That has been changed. It is the ratio of incoming gun shots that either hit the shield or the hull.

Haulers can either be catched when they leave a factory or arrive at a station. Later is harder.
They can also be intercepted with a corvette or destroyer by catching them while in warp. Fly close to the <10km (due to networking, else it would be <20km) and then activate warp jam.
Last one is quite high skill though.

Are you sure it was not reverted because of torpedoes and mines?

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torpedos and mines seem to do all damage though shields or all to hull based on my gameplay today and yesterday. It should probably be changed for large-impact weapons like those.

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