Toast The Movement

Join the movement.

Toast II: The Buttering.
Toast III: Crumbs.

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Your avatar is still creepy, though.


Here’s to the movement!!!.. oops.


I think he was in my guild in EQ.

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@Indicable , seing as this is your common stuff thread I’ll just ask you here.

Please stop doubble, tripple, quadrupple, etc. posting. There’s an edit button for a reason. Its ok to do it one or two times if the stuff is totally unrelated and if time passed but posting 6 times in a row just to answer to people when it is also possible with just the edit button and horizontal lines is not acceptable.

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Why is not acceptable? Is it too stinky?

Because it cluters the forum and distracts from the discussion. When you start “talking” your name needs to show up exactly once until someone else “speaks again”. Its a waste of space.
Just wait a minute before you post. Then you still can add what you want to “say” or use the edit button.

And no. It is not too “stinky” in the literal sense. And I don’t know how else you mean that.

In the last two weeks nearly every single one of your posts can be classified as passive-aggressive behavior. I don’t know why You are hostile towords us. Especially seeing as before there were not a lot of such posts from you. I don’t know what you try to acomplish here …

What are you trying to accomplish? (that’s a serious question)

I am not trying to accomplish anything. Everyone seems to think theres a greater purpose behind throwing near-worthless posts around on the internet. You’re almost watching TV. When there are discussions which are worthwhile, I’ll be serious as reasonably possible.

I’d disagree in regards to your reason for avoiding multiple replies. Using multiple replies seems to be neater, more temporally significant and more corporate to me. I’m not editing my previous statement’s; I’m appending entirely different thoughts after unmistakenly posting my former. If you insist on an absurd rule, you might as well ban me before I exist around here for too much longer.

In regards to my aggression: when someone starts being an arrogant smartass, I’ll be a smartass back. It seems to work much better than trying to be reasonable with their arrogance. I don’t mind snapping my neck around to the point of absurdity when neither did they respond with any respectability to begin with.

By the way, you probably should have used the personal messaging system, shouldn’t you? :wink:

My personality flipped a month or so ago. I’m sick of people pretending they’re worth attention and respect. I’m so sick of humanity being fake. People throw around the word “my opinion” like it’s permission for them to be a nosey dink… and … I’m sick of anything which gets anywhere near the “Steve Jobs is God (because he is)” mentality; to be blunt.

You’re right. I am being passive-aggressive. I want to see people stop being faggots.

One more remark: I realized it’s fundamentally healthier to be aggressive and intentionally arrogant (rhetorically) in some situations than try to be Jesus. People will think you’re an asshole and probably never want to be around you again… and that’s real progress in contrast to being clumsy bowling pins bumping perpetually into eachother with polite excuses; like inert gas!

As I see it you are judging …

In what context. By voicing my concern about your attitude and behavior or on this forum in general?
Besides being a follower of the I-Novae team I also like to read and participate in all kind of discussions.

That’s your judgement. Showing hostility against peoples oppinion just because you think they are less worth is exactly what you are trying to evade. You show the exact same behavior you just described.

I thought about it but decided to not to because your behavior affects everyone on here and not just me. By making this discussion private I would isolate other oppinions and this discussion could run into the problem of too few angles of perception.

“My opinion” is all we have here. Perfect neutrality isn’t the point of a forum. Its good to have neutral information, but information alone can’t transport opinion. Opinion will always be biased, that’s the whole definition of it.
Rating oppinions is also an oppionon … that’s what you are doing here.
Just because people talk doesn’t make them have attention … you grant them that honnor. Mostly if you answer you get antention back. Thinking in “attention” as if it was a currency helps noone.

You can’t silence the internet as the megaphon of human oppinion. It wouldn’t make it better … only limit the ammount of oppinions to a selected view. This isn’t always better.

Healthier for you or for “society”?
Because having no friends can’t be healthy.
And having a society of cold arrogant selfish pricks is definetly a step in the wrong direction.

Balance emotional connection is a thing everyone has to mangage oneself.

Your approach to try to solve the problem won’t get you far. You are responsible for your emotional borders. If anyone breaches it you have to directly communicate that with that person and ask them to stop. If that doesn’t work you need to distance yourself or you will take damage.
Trying to change the behavior of the “internet” towards you by being passive-aggresive (as you said an “asshole”) won’t work. People will still anger you.
I recommend to you (in a friendly manner) to stop judging peoples oppinion and tread theyr oppinion with respect so your oppinion will be respected too or distance yourself.


Not multi-posting is basic, widely accepted forum politeness. For varied reasons, it looks bad as well as aggressive, and needlessly lengthen the thread.
And, personally, I stop reading from the second or third multipost onward. I doubt being the only one.

You may feel free to ignore this kind of rules, but people will feel free to ignore and/or resent you. And some moderators tend to dislike it as well.


I don’t like Harley bikers ether. Well, when they are too noisy.

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