To bar or not to bar - that is the question


Voted no bar, unobstructed center view is super important for fighter craft. Lots of good suggestions here how to modify the remaining side bars and/or the glass on glass edge to make it look less weird. I also would not mind if the side bars were more slim.


Obviously no bar, having something in front of you is really bad. For an example of this go fly a Valkyri in Planetside 2 to see what is like to have a thick bar in the middle of it. I liked JB47394’s and Naiba’s suggestions.


I’m not sure what we are voting exactly. Will the cockpit look exactly as the second picture if we vote no or will the design be reviewed?

I was one of the bar’s detractors on the last thread but that second picture looks damn weird.

I’d like to hear opinions from people who have actually tried the current version. How does the bar feel while playing? Is it really problematic?

I think the cockpit’s design looks strange from the outside already:

When I see that picture it looks weird to think that the pilot’s main view goes through the top glass. It doesn’t feel right and the problem shows from the inside when you see that bar on the center of the viewport.

I believe the (potential) issue can be solved while keeping the current low-tech aesthetic, be it adjusting the position of the pilot, changing the framing of the cockpit a bit, etc.


It’s problematic, the dev-tier backers have been pushing the devs into removing the bar for some time now, we are overwhelmingly in agreement that it’s not functional right in the middle of the cockpit frontal view. I was actually a bit surprised that this poll was posted in the open forum section as it includes people that have not experienced the problem firsthand.

However this is a very welcoming and positive action from the devs to have presented this as a vote to the community, I hope this happens again with other issues too.


Here’s one possible solution that might be worth doing a mock up on.

The front glass is tilted back.

What happens when it’s tilted forward, like the corvette?


While I completely agree that the bar-less version as presented looks bad, I voted “Not to bar” simply as a vote for a less obstructed view.
I’m confident that the devs agree that simply chopping the bar out looks bad and would need additional work.

As others have suggested, I think further rearranging of the cockpit frame is required.
Rather than removing the horizontal bar, I think it should be lowered to be behind the top of the instruments.
The side bars should have their thickness reduced slightly and their angle made more vertical.
I believe this would be fully consistent with the exterior geometry.
Here is a rough mockup:

This is a GIMPed composite of these: Wallpaper - Give Us Your Best Shot! (Image Intensive)

Using the source image from this thread. Please excuse the slapdash use of the clone/stamp tool :slight_smile:


I might be responsible for the crude chop, sorry. :see_no_evil:


I don’t care what the final cockpit looks at this point, bar or no bar, but please don’t put stuff in the middle zone. It is mandatory that this zone stays clear of obstruction.


Keep bar but make them all thinner.

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Simply removing the bar is the easiest path towards regaining visibility in the center view, and that’s something that I greatly desire.

This creates a somewhat jarring aesthetic, though. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anyway to adjust it without requiring a certain amount of redesign of the external cockpit as well as internal, which is no small amount of work.

I do like the external aesthetic of the cockpit as it is, and the only way to keep it is to simply find a way to move the internal seat downward and possibly some forward. Alas, there’s quite a bit of detail work down there, and I’m sure it’s fitted to that vertical height.

Ultimately, the devs will have to decide on how much time they can afford to spend on it versus the return on effort. I would put forward that the interceptor is ultimately going to be the most used craft in the game and likely the player’s first and most lasting impression.

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Maybe stick a video projector in the cockpit to project an image onto the back of the frame for a better view? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t mind me, just messing around :stuck_out_tongue:

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tbh i think it looks perfect without the bar, it gives me the feeling that some of the mechwarrior 3 cockpits did with their geometry. maybe it’s just nostalgia but i view that as a good thing

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Here’s a rough mockup of what I was thinking. Little details will help further define the identity of the cockpit and also help “legitimise” the structural integrity without radically changing the model silhouette from the outside.


That coupled with a visible bend in the glass would be the easiest way to remove the bar without ruining the cockpit IMO.


That is once again intrusive imo, if we are going for minimum work, just a bend like the one @tars suggested would be fine.

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I’m not a fan of the bend idea because distortion is just as bad as obstruction for me.


I’m surprised no one has commented on my suggestion as I think it provides the most view improvement without changing the exterior geometry.
Do people disagree?




“Not to bar” looks aesthetically WRONG, like the artist/designer didn’t finish it.

But the “To bar” is going to be horrible to fly, if that is really your normal point of view (some actual explanation would have helped, not everyone follows all the forum posts).

Some of the mock-ups of alternative solutions (by other people) might provide a good solution. I’ve “liked” those.

P.S. I didn’t mean to vote, but apparently selecting “Not to bar” does so, without even needing to select a Submit button (that I’ve seen in polls on every other website ever). Also (if you are in a hurry) it’s confusing that the two voting options are the opposite way around to the two pictures.


Perhaps a compromise between the two? I like the top struts acting like blinkers directing your attention forward for an attack mentality.

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