To bar or not to bar - that is the question

To bar:

Or not to bar:

That is the question…

  • To bar
  • Not to bar

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NOTE: The results of this poll will influence but may not ultimately determine which course of action we take regarding the horizontal bar in the cockpit of the interceptor.


I like the no bar, it could use a few scuffs or the like to show the glass is curving there though.


I’m assuming the no bar option will have some more polish later.

It needs some kind of angular object or pad connecting to the glass so that the end of the strut isn’t square.

Other than that I like the unobstructed view.


For me the better view is more important then the little strange look.

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The bar blocks the view, but the cockpit looks odd without the bar. I think it would look better with something else connecting the two front corners. Maybe a thinner bar, or just an edge in the glass where two glass plates join.


I agree with Mr. Awesome’s sentiment. Maybe some transparent aluminum is in order? :wink:

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The no bar option is clearly more functional, however in needs a bit of integration polish.


I agree with all the previous arguments against the bar.

I prefer it without, as long as there is something to indicate a crease in the glass, or a thinner bar.


There must be something… but a bar that size is rather intrusive. Does there have to be that flat panel of glass at the front or could it just be one angled piece going down?

I voted nobar too, I also agree with everybody here, it needs a crease or something.

I tried photoshopping it to see how it would look:


Absolutely with bar. It fits the design of the cockpit and seems to be part of the structure of the ship.

In addition, the less than perfect placement fits the industrial theme of the ship well. This imperfection adds character to the ship and could even be offset with added advantages (maybe additional radar/ camera features). It helps building the narrative of the ship. Maybe the technology didn’t allow for strong enough angled/curved cockpits?

Without bar looks compromised and plain weird. As a compromise, maybe lower the bar? :wink:

Voted no bar, only because the given option with bar looks too obstructing for the view.

I would actually like to see some thin metallic reinforcement. I’ll see if I can photoshop something a tad later. I agree with Ajay that having some kind of element fits better the design.

In any case, if the no bar solution wins, it definitely needs texture for the glass in that position.

Not to bar but modify the angle between the diagonal ones (or just see the angle formed by the glass where the horizontal bar was) ?

edit : I agree with TARS and I ask myself if the diagonal bars could not be replaced too ?

Without the bar its way better, but it looks stupid.
I would change the angles of the windows to have more view, maybe adjust even the seating position a bit.
This however requires much more work than simply erasing the bar.

Here is a dirty mockup:

The bar could also be a little thinner and even lower.
Note that the sidebars are now much too wide because of the distortion I applied to change the look.


Surely this question pop-up due to the position of the crosshair. So a way has to be found to not bar that spot.

I’m for no bar and not significant movement of the side structures either. I agree with the artists there that it would be hard to integrate into the ‘line’ of the ship.
I would be more than happy with some polish in that corner problem area.

A simple glass bent isn’t high tech and woulld look alright in that place in my oppinion:

A little bit of curve or even better, more intermediate angles of the interface area would be cool too.

It looks weird at first but could show some real ingenuity of the designers of the ship.

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I voted “no bar” but, as others have pointed out, it doesn’t look right if it is simply removed. The crease works better, but I wonder if cutting the sharp corner of the remaining frame on each side wouldn’t also help. That would create two creases.

Here’s a crude paintover to explain the idea:

Proportions to be tuned by an artist.

As always, I assert that the frame itself, particularly the thickness of it, is absurd. It’s just wasting space on the screen. Go with a faceted, seamless canopy and you’d still be consistent with the ship’s design.


Huh apparently both presented versions differ from the current prototype view. Seems like the view was moved up.
The view between Barred and No Barred is also a little off but it’s neglctable.

###Interceptor Screenshot

400 Points - 136 [Center] - 4 * 4 [R1] - 8 * 3 [R2] - 10 * 1 [R3] - 20 * 1 [R4] =

194 Points

###Bar Mockup

400 Points - 136 [Center] - 6 * 4 [R1] - 4 * 3 [R2] - 8 * 1 [R3] - 12 * 1 [R4] =

208 Points

###NoBar Mockup

400 Points - 4 * 3 [R2] - 8 * 1 [R3] - 12 * 1 [R4] =

368 Points


Simply removing the bar while leaving the rest of the frame as-is, as expected, is weiiiiird. Hope you find an acceptable work-around that satisfies everyone.

I’d personally still prefer:

Just with a bit of (un-obtrusive) frame added back in to suit a rounded-corners look.

Am I right in thinking about half the top glass panel of the cockpit is obscured from the view when facing forward? even more of the sides of it? That’d be plenty of room to add some supporting framework to make it look a little less ‘bare’.

Of course, you’re the ones putting in the work, all up to you in the end here. :slight_smile: