Time to spread the word! (Evangelism Kit)


Looks like it has been picked up by eurogamer Italy on the news front:

edit: as @cybercritic points out this was before the kickstarter launch. But looks to be the first gaming news website about the kickstarter.


That was a few days ago, we are hoping for a better reaction with the KS online and the additional material.

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It’s now the 8th most popular project on all of kickstarter.

Nice work Inovae :smile:

Edit: Okay I need to actually start my day so I going to quit stalking the forums for now…


This sums my up me feelings towards the KS.


Seems like the first actual full length article for this game is out: http://gamerant.com/infinity-battlescape-kickstarter-100-player-space-battles/


of course!

A letter to the community

Found this. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the guy, but some of it seems a bit… unflattering, some of the other things he’s saying or implying seem completely wrong… But I’m guessing any sort of publicity is good publicity. After all, it will make people look into the game and thus make it more likely to fund it. Edit: And who knows, maybe when he learns more and sees more about the game, he’ll publish a more accurate article.

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Article spotted

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“Almost seems like it’s trying to channel Battlestar Galactica with some of the camera work.”

From the comments…

I was wondering what that reminded me of.

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I don’t even know why I read the article comments, it’s just a bunch of randoms with no insight on anything judging the entire thing based off of a couple of paragraphs and maybe the opening kickstarter video.


I feel you, but try not to take it personally. Anyone who’s actually into this genre and not just following a fad will be instinctively inspired by I:B. The more I dwell on it, the more I realize that it’s revolutionary in nature (well, I think we all sensed that at some point over the past decasde or so, but… now it’s HERE…!).


Made a quick Slashdot submission… Please upvote. It’s a bit crap (it’s 4am here) so submit your own if you want.

… and yes that’s an awful attention grabbing headline.

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Stop making me like your posts Topper.

I want to like this as well.

I loved bsg and you’re totally right(or someone is!)

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Hey Flavien, I’d suggest you write a new Dev-Journal on gamedev.net. I am pretty sure, that people at that plattform will remember you after all these years and some might also pledge now :wink:


More press! One is from kotaku.

4players (long url)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzbMfUoeOy8&feature=youtu.be&a this is a great unnoticed interview, needs more exposure


That’s a really good thing that in most of the articles (all ?) they mention that I:B isn’t just an opportunist game surfing of the wave of S:C/E:D.

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I’m doing my bit to spread the word on the SC forums:

List of in-development Space Sci-Fi Games 2015 - Routine - Adrift - Interstellar Marines & Infinity:Battlescape

The game has been on my list for years, so I moved it to the top for the duration of the KS campaign.

(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!

First german articles on Battlescape:

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A new relatively positive Battlescape article on the UK-based Hexus.net:

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