Thinking of buying and streaming the game

I’ve been following the game for some time, after seeing a friend stream it on her channel.The game play looks a little confusing though. I’m guessing that there are several battles raging between two teams and that you warp to then and then complete the objectives? How many players are typically in an game, or is it possible to do a mission against bots, when there are only a few players online?

This earns you credits to buy better and bigger ships? Once you have bought a ship, is it persistent, or are credits and ships earned just for that session, with everyone starting in the same basic ship at the start of each session?

At present, I mainly stream Space (Elite Dangerous) or strategy games, hence the interest in this game.

Whats going to be added to the game by the time its completed, will I be able to build up a collection of ships, as I can in Elite or say World of Warships? Will more game modes be added?

I’m on


The game is in Beta so we’re still iterating on the gameplay both in terms of balance and making it more cohesive - it’ll get there. There can be several battles raging at any given moment in time. We have a mission system that dynamically recommends tasks to you based on what’s going on in the solar system and the needs of your team. If you complete them you’ll earn extra credits. The number of players in the game can vary wildly depending on the time of day and if we have a community event or major launch going on. Typically they are in the single digits at the moment but the game automatically balances the number of bots based on the number of players so there’s always something going on. In fact, if nobody were to ever join the game the AI for each team actively tries to win the game and if one of them is successful the match will reset.

You earn credits to buy bigger ships. Currently “better” is only defined by whether or not you think a bigger ship is better (they all have their own pro’s and con’s) however we’re working on adding the ability to kit out your ship with special weapons and items so there will be more to do with your credits. Credits are semi-persistent, once a match restarts you lose all of your credits but if you disconnect and reconnect during the same match the server will reserve your credits for you for a period of time. At the beginning of a match everyone starts with the same amount of credits and the same basic ship.

Between now and release we’re just trying to polish up what we currently have, add missing things like item/weapon/ship customization, add the star map, build the rest of the solar system, and deliver our backer rewards. We won’t be adding any additional game modes or anything like that prior to release however, if the game does well enough, we would love to iterate on it post-launch to add additional content and possibly other game modes. We also want to release modding tools at some point which will allow other people to experiment with our unique technology to come up with their own fun and interesting game modes.

Welcome to the community, let us know if you have any more questions!


Thanks for the reply, regarding the ships, yeah, that’s more what I meant, they are a different tool to do a job, each with strengths and weaknesses for the task at hand. The weapon mods sounds fun too, when the game is complete, would I have a persistent collection of ships and modules to pick from, or would the intention always be to start with the same base ship each game session?

Ok, I’ve bought the game, hoping to stream in later today! I’m on UK time, so it will be about 2.30pm BST


Hey, thank you and welcome :slight_smile: Best time to play the game is on Saturday evenings EU time, that’s usually when there’s the most players online. We’re also hosting community events even 2 other Saturdays; next one should be on the 27 April.

Check out this thread for details: I-Novae Community Events

We also have a Discord server ( see Infinity Community Discord Server ).

You use credits to get better ships ( and future upgrades ). Credits reset when a match ( = a war in the solar system ) starts for everybody. You gain credits by participating to battles, destroying enemy ships, objectives, etc… If you log out / log back in during a match / war, you retain your previous credits / ships loadouts.

The game is structured around “Battlescapes”, aka points of interests around the solar system. As the game isn’t released yet and we have a low amount of players, we only have 2 battlescapes at the moment. A small one ( currently disabled, but every once in a while we reactivate it for testing ), which could be completed in 2-3 hours. And a medium one ( this is the one currently activated on the server ) which could last from tens of hours to days.

In the future we’ll have a larger Battlescape, and even multiple Battlescapes at once in the same solar system, and the war will evolve depending on team victories per battlescape. We can’t enable a larger Battlescape atm since it’d take weeks to get completed by the current player count, but hopefully when the game releases completing a larger Battlescape would only take a few hours / days.

Regarding ships and upgrades, every time you respawn in a ship, you have to pay with credits. So it’s not like in other games where you buy a ship once, then you can get to reuse it for free every time you die. We’ll also add a long-term progression system with unlockable content in the upcoming months before we release in to EA, and that one will be fully persistent even across matches / wars and will be tied to your account.