The Wolf Game: Whats Mine is Mine

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What’s mine is mine

Deep out in space - far from the core worlds and the safety they offer - danger lurks around every corner. Pirates lie in wait along the trade routes, miscellaneous empires fizzle and die as they continue to be locked into their own bloody wars, and even traders can become violent. Even corporations this far out in space don’t abide by any laws; way out here the only thing that matters is the credits.

This is the planet Gemini, a desolate and dark ball of rock and metal weeks away from “civilization”. What it lacks in hospitality, however, it makes up for in lucrative minerals. The only facility on the entire planet in fact is a small mining operation owned by the CCW Corporation. The facility is very valuable, and ships billions of credits worth of ores and minerals back to the core worlds each month. This has not gone unnoticed by the CCW’s rivals, however, and a recent JENI report on competing minerals trading corporations being sabotaged has the board members worried.

[Hastily made] Map of the facility.

Welcome to the Wolf Game!

The game is simple, there are two factions: the wolves, and the humans. These two factions work against each other to try to eliminate the other by deceit, deductive reasoning, and sometimes even blind luck.

There are two game phases, the first being the day phase and the second being the night phase. During the day phase, players vote for whom they want to kill off from the game in order to achieve their specific objectives depending on which faction the players are. At the end of the day, the player with the most votes will die, and the night phase will begin. If the vote is a tie, no one will die and the night phase will begin. During the night phase, wolves will attempt to kill any single player of their choosing. This will be revealed when the day phase begins. Players may also have access to special abilities or items given to them at the beginning of the game or through an event, which may sometimes be used during the night phase.

The objective for the humans, whom for the purposes of our theme we will from here on refer to as “crew members”, is to eliminate all of the wolves. When all of the wolves are dead, the crew will achieve victory. To do this, the crew will vote for whom they want to kill during the day. The majority vote wins, and in the event of a tie no one will die. During the night phase, crew members may be able to use special abilities granted to them at the beginning of the game, or through events, however, most players of this faction will generally be just waiting for the day phase to begin again. Some roles and abilities will be able to be used during the Day phase. No humans will know any other human’s identity.

The objective for the wolves, whom for the purposes of our theme we will from here on refer to as “agents”, try to eliminate the crew members. When the number of crew members is equal to the number of agents, the agents will achieve victory. To do this, the agents will try to steer the voting during the day towards killing a crew member instead of an agent. During the night phase, the agents will be able to select one person of their choice to kill. All of the agents will know each other’s identity.


  1. During the night phase, no talking is allowed in the main thread. However, private messaging will be allowed.

  2. Dead players are never to contact anyone, including other dead players. By request, the GM may permit a player to post a dying roleplay post.

  3. The GM will never intentionally lie, however he may withhold the truth or not tell the whole truth.

  4. Quoting, screenshotting, or otherwise showing other players messages from the GMs to the player is strictly forbidden.

  5. Roleplay is not required, but it is encouraged as it makes the game more interesting to read and play.

  6. Players must vote at least once every three days. Players who do not vote at least once during a three day cycle will be automatically removed from the game via horrible deaths.

  7. All votes should be in RED and BOLD letters, otherwise they will not count. (Up to GM discretion)

  8. If at any time a player wishes to change or retract a vote, the old vote should be changed to ORANGE and STRIKETHROUGHED letters, otherwise no vote will be tallied. (Up to GM discretion)

  9. If you think something is probably illegal to do, ask the GMs for clarification. Illegal actions will be punished by game-death, even if not specifically stated here. This will be up to the GMs discretion.

  10. Failure to report a player breaking a rule is against the rules and will be punishable by game-death. This will be up to the GMs discretion.

To sign up for the game, please type out “I am in” in GREEN and BOLD letters. The game will start in two weeks, on Monday November 18th (The day after the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix…), or when an acceptable number of players has been reached.

Current Roster:

  1. TerranAmbass
  2. Topperfalkon
  3. Enginish
  4. Aventine
  5. Pendrokar
  6. NobleBrutus
  7. ThatHappyCat
  8. Xamino
  9. Ovog
  10. mattk50
  11. Lomsor
  12. Arkenbrien
  13. Magellanic
  14. TigerFang

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Strikethrough = <s>Text here</s>

Note that code can be combined, such as <font color=green size=5>Text here</font>

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