The Star in Infinity Battlescape

I’m not sure this has been addressed before but, will the star in Infinity Battlescape be an object that you can fly to and around (and even burn up in if you stray too close), or will it simply be a distant object that you cannot actually reach?

If this is not a feature that is currently planned, would it be possible to implement without too much effort?

I know I’ve sat in the star before…

This is the only screenshot that shows it and you can barely see the star in the bottom left. Because all the ones I have of “inside” the star don’t actually show it, we just see some firefly like effects of particles since it’s a bit buggy. I believe the star currently is treated as a 2d circle or something that always shines in your direction.

Here’s a screenshot from inside…the dots that I’m aiming at that look like stars but aren’t are the firefly effects from being inside.


You can reach it, I have, look :