The Rock [Forum Game]

This the last forum game I make. I promise. :grin:

You are walking in a field when you come upon a rock.

[How to play]

Your goal is to take out the person above, and try to escape from the rock yourself.

For example;

Person 1 would say ‘I poke the rock’

Person 2 would respond ‘The rock eats you. You are dead.
I throw the rock.’

And so on.

Ill start.

I poke the rock with a stick.

The Rock didn’t like that.

The Rock knocks you down, climbs the ring and bodyslams you. After that he does the Crossface, your neck snaps.

I applaud The Rock.

The rock doesnt understand, and thinks of it as an act of war.
You are launched into orbit.

I roll the rock.

(Get it? Rock and roll?)

The rock hates people stereotyping him, and is certainly unamused at this “little joke”. The Rock deep-fries ClassicalPotato.

I run away from the rock, screaming bloody murder.

The rock fears the return of the crusty potato, and therefore gathers his forces and leads a triple-assault against the potato organizations, mercilessly slaughtering and toasting each one until they literally begged for consumption; the rock, being a merciful lord, obliged.

The rock stares at BogyMac, unsure of why he is just standing there. After a while, the rock gets impatient, and opens a chasm below him, sending him to the core of the planet.

I shoot the rock with a handgun

The rock has been intrigued and offended by ClassicalPotato’s lack of regard for feelings towards his fellow posters, and therefore sends him flying into low orbit via a blast of awe.

I stuff it in a cannon with my fire-proof gloves and shoot it off into the distance.

The rock takes umbrage at being sent away. Organizes a rock festival were BogyMac is slam danced to death.
I sneak away.

The rock colony spots Bent sneaking away like the sly snake that he is, and rains down on him like a ton of rocks.

I am resurrected by the one and only Leviathan in a remote spot several miles from the incident, where I comfortably and happily watch the show.

The rock takes control of an Apache attack helicopter, and uses its heat seeking missiles to blow a new crater below your feet, launching you into the air, and causing you to fall to your doom.

I use the Gravity Gun from Half-Life to launch the rock at another, larger rock.

The larger rock is confused for a moment, but realizes the hard impact was not Small Rock’s fault. Understanding it was instead the founder of the Potato Civilizations that had organized the attack, Large Rock loosens himself from the hill on which he sat for over a hundred thousand years, and rolls himself down to flatten ClassicalPotato.

The Gravity Gun, which had been sent flying into the air from the intense rumbling made by giant rolling boulder, happened to land in my hands before I hit the ground, which I used to reverse the gravity immediately surrounding myself to prevent my inevitable death.

With that many rocks attacking me at once they form an arch keeping me safe. They run(roll?) off to attack BogyMac thinking me dead.

Each rock grabs another rock and flings it at BogyMac. The sound is defining.

Several rocks stop in midflight, and changes direction, heading towards your head at the speed of sound. You are dead.

I turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger, and yell “GET TO THA CHOPPA” while firing an AK-47 at the rocks.