The only Solar System is where Earth is!

Our star is named Sol, so our star system is named Solar System. I find it weird when anyone calls other star systems “Solar Systems” - there are no other Solar Systems, there’s only one: ours! Tsk tsk tsk, :flushed: :relaxed:


Yes, one could go ahead with “star system” if one gets picky. Then again, every star is a “sun” in the common language, so perhaps “solar system” would be OK per se ^^

In fact, a “star system” is a system of stars. So it’s a phrase used for gravitationally-bound multiple stars. The phrase “planetary system” is the correct term for what you’re trying to communicate. If the star system has a name, then the system is named after the star system. The Vegan System. The Betelgeusan System. I’m not going to touch the naming of Alpha Centauri, which is a multiple star system.


My fault then! :sweat_smile:

Sol started getting used because people started calling every star a sun. English teachers have fallen down on there jobs! Science teachers have been lazy!

Isn’t “planetary system” used when it’s a planet in the middle, like for Jupiter & cie?

Actually, it’s just the Latin name for the Sun. Same reason you sometimes see Earth referred to as Terra, and the verb terraform is used to mean “to make earthlike”.

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Another point. I’m watching Blue’s live recorded vid and it seems to me he interchanged “moon” with “planet”. I think I will just call them “worlds”

Follow the link I supplied for “planetary system”. Our “planetary system” is comprised of what we refer to as our solar system.

That’s not actually a distinction that astronomers bother to make. “Solar System” with capital letters is our planetary system, while “solar system” with all lower case letters is any planetary system. We use the same convention for the word “Moon/moon”, and even “Galaxy/galaxy”.


Watch out for the moon Moon!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh you mean Pluto?

Not the dog, Me when I’m changing my pants! :smiley:

I was mainly referring to the wannabe planet on a wierd orbit around Sol, but I thank you for that imagery :scream_cat:

Wait…that’s not a moon…

Sorry let me pull my pants up.

Thumb Wars movie

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I see a great MOD in the future.

The Solar System and Earth… Where there are battles above major cities around the world or taking a break from the battles on a desert island in the Pacific…

The word ‘disaster’ comes from the combination of the words ‘dis’ and ‘astero’ which are Italian for ‘bad’ and ‘star’ respectively. This word came from the belief in astrology that was common in the 16th century, and the idea that events in the world were reflected or heralded by movements in the heavens, thus a ‘bad star’ meant a bad thing happening.

Words often have strange origins, and their use doesn’t have to reflect those origins. I think using the term solar system to describe any system of planets other than the ones around Sol itself is perfectly fine.

Plus you can’t really govern language, the meanings of words change, new ones are invented. In the end it doesn’t really matter. YOLO.


There were a few people who got rid of a lot of gender words in English. In English, at least in America, an unknown person was referred to with a male pronoun. Instead of making a new word they bastardized the word ‘they’. ‘They’ used to be a plural word but a small number of people just changed it for there own reason.

These are the same people who wanted to change manhole to peoplehole. That didn’t take.

Have fun with this stupidly, and don’t wounder why you have trouble understanding Old English.

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This isn’t a discussion to be had here. Please, take your anti-PC whines to their natural breeding ground: Facebook.