The Old Infinity Combat Prototype

Long ago i remember playing the infinity combat prototype. It was a kind of team deathmatch affair in space. The prototype featured various ship types fighters and carriers i believe. The best thing for me about this prototype was the fact that fighters could dock within the carriers.

Heres some old footage, Please remember this likely has no connection now with infinity battlescape. But it may give us an idea of how the capital ships will work and hopefully fills some backers with confidence that i-novae can pull capital ships off.


I never managed to play much on the ICP, but it was all kinds of fun :smiley: High speed jousting and dogfighting with other fighters… taking down capitals… progression through ships…

For such a simple prototype, it was just as good (if not better) than a lot of other fully-fledged release titles!

Yea i agree. The prototype wasnt polished and some of the assets were incomplete but the game was quite stable and very playable. If they can replicate the fun of the combat from the prototype within the battlescape then its going to be amazing.


I came into the community after the ICP’s heyday, so I never got to play it.

It did look like it would have been fun to play.


'twas indeed a great way to kill some time. Simple and easy to pick up, big arena feel to it, and players COULD coordinate if they wanted to, usually to great effect.

The prototype was what sold me on Infinity and pretty much ruined all future space games for me because I longed for the freedom of Newtonian flight.

These bring back memories from when I was much younger and a terrible pilot…

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Every time i watch these videos i get excited for the future of battlescape

i still have the files for it but it doesnt run on my gpu/w7. oh well.

edit: i got it to work actually, was playing a bit on the server we had up, was fun.

Here we are still playing it :smile:

It crashes for me on full shaders, but medium works fine for some reason.

So I still get to enjoy it. Leap into the past… :slight_smile:

So it was working, then?