The old contributions topic!


I had a summary thread on the old forums with all my stuff in one place, i think i wont repost everything though, just the goodies.

Ships that made it to the texturing stage:

Buffalo Hauler ( Modular ):

Cobra Destroyer ( Non - Modular ):

Ships that did not make it to the texturing stage:

Cannibal Destroyer ( Non - Modular ):

Conqueror Battleship ( Non - Modular ):

Some shipsize comparison chart, without the Cobra:

A number of guns/turrets, here is one test - fitted on the Conqueror:

A number of Centauran buildings, some modular, some non - modular:

Various ships that did turn out to not look good.

A modular space station:

A modular kit for the construction of internal ( large ) hangars:

Base textures slapped on the untextured models for a quick rough impression:

Found some higher resolution renders of the 3 “C” - Line ships:


Great to see your old models Wargrim :slight_smile: To me they were almost synonymous to SFC at some point.

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I was googling for some higher resolution versions of the flett renders, and found that the Infinity page on has quite a number of ship pictures preserved, including some fleet / beauty renders:

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Not mine, but an old pic I saved that I really liked the look of.


thats one of my old texture works, to bad it wont be ingame :disappointed:


A Centauran surveillance post, my model, not sure about the concept origin, official texture pack iirc.


This is a Centauran Stock Market.


This was my interpretation of Koshime’s Ghost Eko concept, modelled, mapped and skinned, including misc map for dirt and markings.

With matching torpedo and LMK3 launcher.

Fitted to the Ghost:


I just found an old backup folder of mine back when I was still using Windows with a ton of art pictures in it that I saved from the old forums (including the GUI mockups that someone made). That includes the other fleet renders. Here are a few, I can upload more if you want:

Note: all not mine, I just downloaded them. :smiley:


More fleet renders:

Sadly I have no clue who made what, sorry.


I would say that that is more than enough ship assets for an alpha release of a MMO :wink:


Here is a Centauran Pharma Lab.


This is a solar power plant (Deltan probably), to cheer @LucasFIN up after that lynching…


No hard feelings. That was one epic day in wolf game history ;D


This was a mining gameplay prototype contribution to help with the community discussion on the topic.


I remember the discussions that took part of that project. It was a really interesting reading back then :smile:

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Ohhh they are all so pretty.
Such details.
But really the Rapture 2 was always my favorite of them all.

You know, this is the saddest thing about it.
Other games released or not, struggle to have few ships here and there.
And yet you guys didn’t even started to make the game and you had more then any other game.
With lot of diversity.
Every model felt unique.

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The top image was posted in my first ever post on the old forums… followed up with a redesign a “couple” years later.


I was by no means the most active when it came to contributions, yet I feel like I’m spamming this thread, so where is everyone’s work?

Here is a civilian drone.

Nice ninja @Hutchings :wink:


ha ha, great timing :wink:

here’s a compilation image of some cent contribution models, concepts
TopLeft: Heavy Bomber “Hirari,” Bomber “Devil Ray,” HvyFighter (name?), Fighter “Hikari,” “Coralis Lepidus,”
BottomLeft: Coralist Novai
Big one: Coralis Severus, as seen in my previous post.

Various concepts produced by members of the community. Lucas Fin, Jaen Ni Rin, Koshime… aaaand it’s been too long and I don’t have records of my own from back then (unless I do and they pop up)

(I have so many old ships in my archive… but won’t post them all tonight, time to sleep.