The Kerbal Space Program Thread!


I had the same problem…you can find how to fix it in the beginning of the thread…you have to disable your ad block through the browser


It wasn’t add block for me. I got that still enabeled. What I have to do is explicitly tell the browser to allow this content. At the address bar on the top right is a orange symbol you can click.

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I just thought of it as the browsers built in adblock but I suppose that could get confusing thanks for the correction ^^


I had to go into the settings (under More Information for Firefox (if you’re using anything else than why r u surfing the web (woot three parenthesis))) and permanently allow this thread, because after a few days or so it blocked it again.


I actually just realized I had to do the same thing. Where was the more information setting under?


If you are using Firefox, you can click the little hazard sign in the address bar. You should be able to click on more information. Otherwise, under the ‘tools’ menu bar, select ‘page info’. From there, go to the permissions tab, and select allow for the things you want to allow.

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/me purchased KSP :smiley:


Well, I can’t see the albums either – Chromium version 31 on 64 bit Linux. I suspect that my problem might be due to the older version of Chromium, so I think the update coming soon should fix that. My Firefox can’t see them either. So you’re not alone, @TerranAmbass.

On topic: I need to find some time to play this again soonish. So many nice things coming in the next update, including destructible KSP. :smiley:

EDIT: The dev console says: Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy. I can’t find how to disable said policy, but the problem thus seems to one between the keyboard and the chair. :stuck_out_tongue:


0.25 is out!


Oh man. Im going to try and keep my current career going in .25 but I have to wait for mod updates to try that…I’m so excited for where destructible buildings will take us…I’m hoping(and betting) for destructible terrain.

I think the issues with the albums not showing has to do with your browser not allowing some plugin to play. I can’t remember what it was though and in Firefox you can force it to be allowed by clicking the triangle in your address bar.

Edit: congrats Ark!! If you have any questions feel feel free to ask


Okay, so I finally found time to play.

I’m working on the last four tutorials, having fun, (running out of fuel), having fun.

The reason I’m running out of fuel on the tutorial is because I haven’t figured out how to switch the engines. Researching.


You can use Action Groups to do that … though I guess you already found out.

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A funny event that just happened to me this night: I was playing a brand new career mode save and I had just designed my first orbital rocket. When I launched it, I only realised that I had forgotten the parachutes until I had made orbit. I still had some fuel left, so I deorbited and planned to make a powered landing (I had only unlocked the first node after start). I was ~ 50 meters above the ground with a slow descent when the engines ran out of fuel. I made poor Jeb bail out, hoping he would survive a 40 m/s falling speed at collision with the ground. It worked. The rocket blew up, but Jeb the badass lived to see another day.


Yeah, apparently a Kerbal’s helmet is one of the strongest objects known to Kerbalkind.

For anyone with some experience in KSP (to avoid spoiling things), I suggest to watch this Youtube channel for what kind of magnificently absurd things can be done by motivated and talented enough people.

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Jeb didn’t land on his head.


Ah yes, staging. I was following a tutorial on building a basic rocket to land on the mun, and I used an asparagus set up on the bottom with two other stages on top of that. It took me three hours to realize why my ship A - blew up, B - Fired the middle stage while the bottom stage was burning, C - not firing at all. I finally got to the mun with my landing stage, and promptly hit the ground going 200 m/s. :laughing:

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It didn’t take me that long to learn the basics …

but it took me weeks to even HIT the Mun :blush:


I really should reinstall KSP. Haven’t played it since the asteroid update! Anyone got any thoughts on how the campaign mode is developing?

I got so distracted trying to make a space station in orbit around Kerbin, I completely forgot to go to other places. :stuck_out_tongue: Then spent a long time crashing onto the Mun before I could actually land successfully.


The thing is, I didn’t have the faintest as to what those little lines in the boxes were. I knew what the engines were, but it didn’t click until after 3 hours of re-arranging and re-launching me rocket to figure out that the vertical lines mean vertical cutoff and the horizontal mean horizontal cutoff. :anguished:

I didn’t watch then actual landing on the moon on the tutorial because I thought “this is the easy part, I can do this myself!”

Confidence: The feeling you get before you do something really stupid.


With .24 campaign for funds and contracts to complete for moneys, science, and reputation. With .25 also came strategies that you can use to boost how much you get of the 3 currencies. The contracts can get a little repetitive but there is an awesome contract mod(Fine print) that fixes this and other mods that add station parts so you get contracts like “Set up a colony on the Mun” or “Put a station in lower Joolian orbit” etc which makes it pretty cool.

If you’re like me and love spaceplanes it also gives them a use because they are 100% reusable and all you pay for is the fuel and payload and you get the whole shibang back afterwards when you recover your plane. So it’s a huge plus for me. I have the same issue too, my only extra-kerbin interaction was a Duna flyby once because I get distracted building better and more effecient SSTO’s so I forget to go elsewhere. I will go to Laythe one of these days.


I had a response and some advice for you and totally forgot what it was when writing my response to sabre :frowning:

At any rate, it sounds like you’re enjoying KSP which is awesome. I love this game :smiley: The only game to beat it for me will be IBS and TQFE…

OH. When you mouse over a part in the VAB, it should highlight in the staging bar so you know which piece is what. This also works for mousing over on the staging bar and highlighting the parts that are affected by the stage. Hope this helps!