The Google-fu is weak in this one

Earlier today, Keith accused RSI of malicious SEO. A sort of mini Google bomb? Here’s the tweet:

@inovae_keith said: Wow, just discovered that RSI SEO'd Infinity: Battlescape with one of their images and a link to their forums. Not cool.

Here’s the image search:

The 16th image and the 17th image are from this thread on the RSI forum.
16th is someone’s forum signature and 17th is the thumbnail from the Youtube video that someone has posted in the thread.

Now I may not be getting the same search results as Keith, but if I am then it’s a poor reflection on Keith that he would reach the conclusion that this is some sort of malicious SEO. Not cool. My confidence-in-Keith-o-meter has dropped another point.

This also highlights the issue that there is such scant material published on Battlescape that someone’s unrelated forum signature from another game’s forum appears in the first handful of results.

It was indicated to me by our web designer, I didn’t bother to double check myself. I replicated the search and got the same result as you suggest. I’ve deleted the offending tweet.